Animal Control Officer Comforts Horse Involved In Freeway Crash

A trailer load of horses was on their way to Thermal, CA from Seattle, WA for a big horse show when their trailer was involved in an accident.  Three show horses were injured and one frightened horse was sedated.

A tractor trailer had lost control and side-swiped the Brook Ledge Horse Transportation vehicle.  The accident ripped a portion of the side of the trailer, according to CHP Officer Brian Alvarez.  The videos below show the accident, but they also show another side.  They show Lori Weber, a vet tech with animal control, giving comfort to one of the horses involved in the accident.

Source, We hope all of the horses are able to make a full recovery. After such a traumatic accident it’s great to see one of the horses getting some love. Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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