The Star Of Amazon’s Latest Commercial Is The Cutest Miniature Horse Ever!

Amazon is giving Budweiser a run for it’s money with their latest commercial featuring horses.  This may not be a tear jerk like a lot of the Budweiser commercials, but it’s as cute as can be! The miniature horse in the video has totally stolen our hearts 🙂 All of the horses in the commercial are absolutely gorgeous. All the mini wants is to be friends, but as we all know miniature horses have the ability to strike fear into their larger friends without even trying….silly horses!

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6 Responses

  1. val kerwood

    worries me that idiots who are not willing to do any research and have no idea about how to care for these cute animals, will want one too.

    • Laura

      Huge animal and horse lover here. You need to RELAX. This a very sweet commercial and NOT about horse care. Find another post to express that on.

  2. Cindy Bryden

    Why do people have to read things into everything and ruin it for everyone else! No wonder this country has become dumbed down…it’s a commercial for crying out loud! Relax negative Nancy


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