Dressage Club Proposes 6 Rule Changes To Benefit Horse Welfare

Dressage HorsesEach discipline has its own scrutiny that it has to overcome every year. When rules are set in place for each federation, this creates a clear protocol to protect both horse and rider. These rules include the use of certified protective gear, medications that can and can’t be used, even the use of certain training tools. All these rules are voted on and put under a microscope to make sure that it protects all those involved.

Every year new rule changes come up for discussion and this year was no different. A Finish group called OpeRa who’s goals are to improve horse and rider’s welfare and safety have have submitted six rules to the Finnish Equestrian Federation (SRL). These new rule proposals will be discussed and voted on in April 2016. OpeRa has suggested these 6 major rules be changed:

1. Use of nosebands to be country in all dressage classes.
2. Determining the greatest allowed tightness of the noseband at competitions.
3. Allowing the use of bitless bridles in all dressage classes.
4. Allowing the use of snaffle bridles in all dressage classes.
5. Prohibiting the use of draw reins in the warmup at competitions in all disciplines.
6. Use of spurs to be voluntary I all dressage classes.

OpeRa would also like to submit these rules to the FEI. These rules are set to help draw in new riders and to allow change but still keep the integrity and history of what the sport was based on. We will keep you updated as the rules change.

Article Source, Hoefslag.  What do you think of the proposed rule changes?  Would you like to see some of these changes integrated into the FEI rule book?  Share this on Facebook if you love some of the proposed changes!

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