Duct Tape Fixes Everything – Even Nervous Horses

You’ve seen videos floating around of people putting duct tape on their horse’s noses, right? Did you believe it worked? This trick supposedly helps keep them calm and distracted from what is being done with them, including vet work, clipping, and even shoeing. I have yet to see a video where it showed how the horse acted before and then after, until now!  The Video below shows a shoer working on a horse that is nervous and barely gives him his hind feet. As soon as he moves around his butt end the horse scoots as if the man is going to eat him. The shoer then grabs duct tape, cuts a piece about 6′ long and puts it on the horse’s nose vertically. Watch as the horse switches modes, calm and quiet so that the shoer is able to finish his hind shoe!

The shoer doesn’t even believe it at first but as he says “you are watching live”!  Has anyone tried this?  We’d love to hear your experiences.

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