Extreme Mustang Makeover – Youth Division Added In Norco

Source:  extrememustangmakeover.com
Source: extrememustangmakeover.com

The Extreme Mustang Makeover is returning to Norco, also known as Horsetown, U.S.A., May 16-17, 2014.  The selected riders will be picking up their mustangs on February 14 and 15. They will have just 90 days before the competition to get these horses gentled and ready to compete!  In addition to the regular classes, Norco offers an “urban trail course” that will be fun to watch.  They have also added a division for youth ages 8-17 where they can compete with a yearling.  All of the mustangs that compete will be available for adoption after the competition.

For more information please visit our source:   http://extrememustangmakeover.com/events/norco-extreme-mustang-makeover/

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