Fire At Horse Rescue – Founders Home Destroyed

Firefighters battled the blaze for an hour at The Golden Carrot Equine Rescue. The fire took the owners home, the horses are all safe, but 10 dogs that they were caring for didn’t make it. “The outpouring of help is truly humbling,” said Casey O’Connor, who runs The Golden Carrot Equine Rescue. A friend of O’Connor’s and board member at the rescue, Katja Tootle-Pizka said: “She is such a selfless person.” Tootle-Pizka continued, “She can’t leave, because she has to take care of the horses. She can’t stay in a hotel, because that is too far away from the horses. Right now, she is in her neighbor’s guest room so she can sleep a little, and so she can be close.”

Fire At The Golden Carrot

O’Connor has been caring for older horses and other’s who need her. She has done so much for these animals.

Source:  You can donate by visiting GoFundMe.  They are currently raising funds for an RV so that O’Connor can continue living on the property and caring for the horses.  Please donate if you can and SHARE this on Facebook to help support this incredible horse rescue.

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