From Crazy To Amazing – Before and After On A Crazy Horse!



This is the difference time and good training can make on a horse. The first video was taken 4 years before the second and they’ve come a long way! If you admire this rider for sticking with it, Share this on Facebook!

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9 Responses

  1. Kaylie

    This just really shows that any horse can be amazing with the right person and a lot of patience, time and love! Good job girl you did an amazing job!!!!

    • suetus

      Yeah and i loved how the rider didn’t loose her temper when horse loose her temper. Amazing job!

      • Cerinna

        I’m not even sure if it was really the horse losing her temper in the before video… Even the “she can be good!” bits looked uncomfortable to me, she was messing with the bit and seemed insecure. In the second video I see a horse that is comfortable with herself and her rider, so I’m wondering if they ever found out what was bothering this mare? 🙂 It looks like it!

  2. Beth Phillips

    There was obviously more to the story in the first video. Looks like someone didn’t start this mare correctly to begin with. Second video shows a talented horse and rider team, but her head is still way too high to be balanced, and she is rushy. AAA+++ on the change however, good team, let’s get her head down a little bit and get her to slow down just a touch.

    • Brittany

      This is show jumping not a hunter/jumper class. Other than the rail down I think it was an excellent showing with clean lines. With her head high she still had a wonderful forward ground eating gallop ensuring they make the time allowed. Watch any of the great showjumpers and most have a high head carriage and have huge, scopey jumps. You could tell the horse is definitely loving her job.

  3. Lynette

    This rider did everything right, in my humble opinion: just enough rein so she could not get her head down to buck anf not so short that the horse becomes even more agitated, the rider stood by her commitment to herself and her horse. All you criticd out there I say to you, tsk, tsk

  4. Cassidy

    The horse was never crazy. But this is a great example of what happens when someone decides to take their time with an animal and help them. Great job in helping her find her way and giving her a job to direct all that energy into. She’s one hell of a jumper.


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