Horse Falls Inside Miami Nightclub – Horrifying!

Mokai Lounge in Miami, FL had a horse in the club on Wednesday night.  They paraded him through the crowded club and let people pet and even ride him.  At one point a girl in a bikini was on him and he slipped and fell to his knees.  He was able to recover, but in the process, the girl fell off.  Reports of the horse freaking out hit the internet, but if you watch for yourself you’ll see that the horse slipped.  Many are accusing the nightclub of animal abuse?  What do you think?

I think you can guess our opinion and we hope the horse finds a new owner…fast!

It is unthinkable to treat an animal this way.  Every club I’ve ever been in had slippery floors with spilled drinks all over it.  This poor horse was put in an awful situation and it was absolutely cruel.  Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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