Watch A Toddler Ride Her Quarter Horse – Adorable!

Sianna is only 3 years old, riding her 6 year old Quarter Horse mare named Lady.  She’s doing a great job! Her technique for getting on is very creative.  I know this video is not the safest, but it is adorable.   Share this post on Facebook if you think horses like Lady are worth their weight in gold!

To watch Sianna riding her new horse bridleless and bareback click

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  1. susan

    I am actually appalled…there are so many things that could have gone so very wrong in this video…yes it is a cute little girl…but a very irresponsible person who allowed her to ride in this area with so many safety concerns.

    • Melanie

      Oh, here we go with the scolding and control freaks. People like you deserve a nanny-state regime that monitors, and controls the masses 24/7. People like you deserve the communist, iron-clad rule with no freedom. That’s exactly what we are getting in this country thanks to cry babies like you that want to over regulate and control everything. Pathetic.

    • Charles

      Oh no the sky is falling, get a grip syht happens in life. I hope you don’t have your kids wrapped up in bubble wrap

    • Janet

      There are horses you know you can trust and those who you cant.
      I do adult foster care for men with DOwn’s. I have a 30 yr old qtr horses
      that I can let the men go in his stall and I KNOW he will not move a
      muscle. They can pet him – walk under him – anything. I wouldn’t dream
      of doing that with my other 3 horses. Some horses just “know”. A
      child could get hurt at the park playing. If you don’t know this horse –
      then you shouldn’t judge.

  2. michelle

    This is super cute, yes very risky, but we all did risky riding when we were young. Mom just sounds a little impatient in this video and the next older video. Maybe a kinder tone, your daughter is amazingly talented and is doing everything your asking. Be happy

  3. Trish

    Honestly, I don’t think mom sounded impatient at all. Her tone may have been firm but she was also instructive and encouraging. As for the risk, walking across the street is risky. Sure there was a chance she would fall but if you keep kids in a protective bubble until they are 18 they will never learn the difference between good and bad risk-taking. Allowing this little girl to mount her horse on her own gives her a sense of accomplishment. In the long run actions like this will help mold her into a confident independent young woman.

  4. Celien

    I feel a shamed nobody wrote down a comment about the patient of the horse, i dont think he realy likes the “stap on the horse” part, but he was patiently waiting till the kid went on.

  5. Rose

    The horse is lovely and well trained. Mum knows her horse. Mum knows her kid. I think this is exactly how kids should grow up and learn to ride on horses. I loved both videos a lot. Coming from a Quarter horse / Western Riding background and in UK now, I am bemused how many horses have never been taught how to stand still or at 5yrs old are still completely green. I would pop my 4 yr old on my Quarter, but am hesitant to let my 10yr old ride any horse in the riding stable.

  6. Beth

    This is ok, except for the location. Looks like an accident waiting to happen with all the stuff around. The mother should know better and place her child and horse in a safer location.

  7. no name

    Patient horse, Yes. Patient Momma, yes. Cuteness factor, Yes. BUT too much stuff, too many things for the horse to trip over. Ladder to trampoline, rocking horse, pole lying on the ground, at one point child tugging on halter to get it to move forward and the horse pulls back. Wouldn’t take much to pull the child off the trampoline. Momma needed to get off the porch and take her child out to one of the numerous areas and have her ride in a less cluttered area. We all KNOW our horses but there is always that one time when we say, I DON’T KNOW WHAT SPOOKED HIM? WE’VE DONE THIS HUNDREDS OF TIMES BEFORE!! With teaching someone to ride you teach the safety along with it. Had something gone wrong there wasn’t anywhere for that child to do an “emergency dismount” and if something had happened to the child they would have blamed the horse. If I was to share this video I would caption it “What NOT to teach or let your child do to ride their horse”

  8. Cindy

    My quarter horse mare saved me from injury many times. I had to lead her to the barn door from outside and mount her from the doorway, about four feet above the ground, for years. For example, we were about a quarter mile from the barn one day and stepped over a large fallen tree and right into a hornet’s nest. She remained calm enough to keep me in the saddle. When we got to the barn, I found she had been stung more than a hundred times and I neither was thrown nor stung. Mom knows her horse and her child. You critics don’t know jack.

  9. karen

    That’s how I learnt to ride – on a trust worthy horse – bareback with a helmet – I’m over 50 still riding and definitely no brain damage.

    Let children grow up normal – stop mollycoddling.

    Teach your children to be positive – the cup is half full – not half empty.

    If as a parent you focus only on negative – your poor child – going to grow up terrified of life – with no confidence and “That’s NO LIFE”


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