Horse Rescued From Chest Deep Mud Pit – Rescue Crews Are AMAZING!

Horses are very hardy animals and very resilient in their surroundings, but they always seem to find the needle in the haystack. In this situation, the horse ended up in a  sectioned off area that he shouldn’t have been in and found himself chest deep in mud. Firefighters were there to help this poor horse who was covered from head to toe in mud, extremely exhausted and in a dire situation.

They set up a pull system to a surrounding tree and connected it to the horses halter. If one of the rescuers would get close to the mud they would get sucked in also. Once hooked up to the pulley system the horse tried to stand and with the help of the rescuers, the pulley system, and sheer determination, the horse was pulled from the mud. He was weak and lethargic, but the vets were there to immediately administer fluids, antibiotics, and meds.

They were able to get him to his feet, he struggled at first and needed a tree to lean against, but soon regained his steadiness and was able to walk. His pasture friend was there to greet him as they headed back to the barn.  The firefighters did an AMAZING job helping this horse.  We are so thankful that there are people who tirelessly dedicate their time to helping others.  Share this on Facebook and show your thanks to all rescue crews!

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