Horse Trailer Stolen From Pinto Worlds – Please Share!

Angela LoCascio Facebook

Angela LoCascio Facebook

TRAILER was STOLEN some time between Sunday June 9th and Thursday June 12th from the Tulsa Expo Square during the Pinto World Show!!!! Please share with all your friends and keep a look out for 1998 Sooner 4 Horse Trailer white with Blue stripes has an AQHA red sticker in front window. Also western show equipment. Blue Ribbon Saddle, Silver Mesa Saddle, silver show bridles, halters and show clothes. This trailer has California Plates on it, still trying to track down the license plate number.  Please call Angie with any leads (818)203-5136.

Update from Angie: Calif plate #4CT9225
Thanks everyone! I was told they could have repainted the stripes. Missing a hub cap on left side and old spare tire on right back tire doesn’t match radials

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  1. Ashley K.

    It would be helpful to know what state license plate this trailer has.

    • Horseaholic

      The trailer has California plates, she’s not sure the actual number yet because she doesn’t have her registration with her at the show….tracking it down.

  2. Deanna

    Good luck…mine was stolen in 9 2001 LQ never found…check roads to Mexico and states they don’t need a title in to register

  3. Bar L Stable

    Our trailer was stolen from the OKC fairgrounds. Never found, they figured it was headed to Texas where there are no licensing requirements for trailers older than 10 years. Good Luck. Its a terrible thing to have happen, not to mention all the equipment, etc lost that was in the trailer.

    • Mark

      Bar L Stable

      Someone told you wrong. I live in Texas and we do require licenses for all trailers. Mine is roughly 30 years old and I have to have plates on it.

  4. Wildhart

    When at the shows, I put a lock on the trailer (ball receptor). Doesn’t mean it can’t be stolen, but makes it much harder which means the dirty dogs will move on to one that isn’t locked. So sorry! Hope you find it soon. Hope you are insured for it and all the equipment. The good news…. your horses weren’t in it!!!! That would be a true tragedy!

  5. Jan

    Last time I was there, 4 trailers were stolen and 30 tires taken right of the vehicles in the parking lot!


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