Horses Are Healing This Country Singer’s Soul Between Chemotherapy Treatments

Joey Martin (Feek) beat cancer a few years ago, but now it’s back.  In June 2014, Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer not long after the birth of the couple’s daughter, Indiana, who was born with Down Synderome.  This year she was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer.  I don’t know how she stays so strong.  She is still performing, parenting and going through chemotherapy all at the same time.  What a beautiful soul she is.  Her and her husband Rory Feek are part of a Country Duo called “Joey and Rory” .  Click here to follow their journey on Facebook or follow their blog  I’m so glad to see her up on her horse. We are sending lots of prayers for complete healing her way.  I do know one thing, while horses may not be able to heal the body…they can work miracles on the soul.

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