Horses Peacefully Farting, Snoring, and Relaxing – Love It!

This group of therapy horses likes to spend their downtime soaking in the good life! I hope you enjoy this video and share it with your friends on Facebook!

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19 Responses

  1. me

    looks nice, but I am wondering why they are not sleeping outsidde in the sun. Nomally they prefer to do that. More space, more sun, more to see…
    Still, I am always happy to see horses living together with the possibility to touch eachother and move some steps straight on.

    • Anonymous

      it’s like a “den”, and cool and shady, safe and quiet. They feel less vulnerable. also lots of thick clean fresh bedding! looks like they have the option to go in or out. Mine do the same exact thing… and look and sound just like this too 😉

  2. not me

    predators! they all felt simultaneously safe in the open stalls and barn isle. None of them had to stand watch for predators. Mountain lions, wolves, lynx etc., etc..

  3. horsegirl

    They look very relaxing. Never seen horses like that. In witch country are they living and are they doing therapy lessons only? Do you have them only outdoors all year round or do you take them in to the barn at night and winter?

  4. Tina Kamper

    My horses lives in a loose barn system. They are often sleeping in the barn at noon. Maybe due to the soft bedding

  5. Vivi Groot Jørgensen

    It so great to see them enjoy the life. All horses must live like that. Nice nice

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