Horses Trapped In Contaminated San Jose Flood Water

People, pets and horses are trapped in the San Jose, California flood waters. Rescue crews are pulling people out with boats and everyone affected is in need of prayers. The horses in the video below are trapped in their pens.  A comment on Facebook said, “They are trying to figure out how to get to them, the property has turned into an island, Animal Control is on scene. Call San Jose Animal Control to offer help hauling or a place to stay. And PLEASE pray for them., animal control is on site and working on finding a way to rescue them.”

NBC Bay Area News reports, San Jose Fire Department Capn. Mitch Matlow said, “This is not clean swimming pool water,” Matlow said. “The water that is coming through here is contaminated. Everyone that has been in that water needs to be decontaminated.”

Over the past few days, city officials have been warning residents along Coyote Creek to prepare for potential evacuations due to the rushing water flowing from the Anderson Reservoir.

Source, NBC Bay Area News.  Please Share this on Facebook and pray for everyone affected by these massive floods.

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    • Rave

      A. levee. broke. upstream. and. the. water. rose. too. quickly. They. are. doing. all. they. can.

    • Mary Kay Oliphant

      I agree. Where are the owners. There are rescue agencies out there getting people. Why can’t they send a boat over there and throw a rope around them and guide them out? And where is the owners?

      • Karen Cortel

        Not that easy. What is under the water? The horses won’t be necessarily swimming. They would be walking. They could fall into a hole or, if the road they are walking them on has washed out, they could drown. They’ll find a way.

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