How To Braid Long Manes For English Classes

We generally think of hunters as having short, pulled manes.  However, not everyone wants to shorten their horses mane.  What if you have an Andalusian?  What if you have a reining horse that you’d also like to show in English classes?  I know you’re thinking I’m crazy right about now, but I have seen reining horses doing dressage and hunt seat and doing it well!  Or maybe you just like the look of a long mane!  This video shows two ways to braid a long mane.

The running braid and the french braid are both great options for braiding that long mane if you want to show in an English class.  The author of the video gives some tips:

“The RUNNING braid is the easier braid to execute. If you are inexperienced, start with this one. It also looks better and holds better integrity in thicker manes such as those of Fresians and other draft breeds. It is ideal for super long thick manes, and lays lower and looser on the horse, so consider this braid for horses who are more sensitive.

The FRENCH braid is more attractive, but requires more skill to execute well. This braid is lovely for show (although, be sure to FINISH it for show, with yarn, as opposed to with bands as in this tutorial), for clinics, or for schooling/lessons. If your horse has a long mane that might not be quite as thick, such as some Iberian horses, quarter horses, or even some less fortunate Fresians, the french braid is the way to go. It is tighter to the mane, but moves with the neck very well.”

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