Man Saves Horses While Firefighters Save His Home

The wildfires in California have taken so many homes, but they didn’t take Cade Boegers. Boeger wrote, “At 10:30 last night, with the family safely evacuated, I realized my horses weren’t safe from the fast moving fire that was devouring our ranch. I got back up to my house as a second Cal-Fire engine arrived in my yard, and my 15′ Old Glory was snapping in the wind, blowing 40 gusting to 60+. I wanted to pull it down, sure it would burn up, or be torn to shreds in the wind, but there wasn’t time. The fire line was moving fast, and I whistled the horses through a gate and got them onto safer ground.” (Video Below)

Boeger continued, “The rest of the night and morning was a blur, but when I got into my still-standing house at around 3:30 am, I was blown away to see my flag, folded respectfully and placed safely on my couch by the firemen. It’s was a little frayed and sooty, but the gesture meant so much I just stood and looked at it with tears of gratitude in my eyes. What kind of people were these? Save a man’s home and family and then that? Just the best kind. #MyHeroes” (Picture Below)

Cade Boeger Facebook

I have tears in my eyes from writing this.  This is just another example of good people doing good things.  Cade Boeger and the Firefighters are all HEREOS!  Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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