My Horse Is Not Perfect – But He’s Perfect For Me!

If you browse Facebook at all, you’re likely to see many posts about perfect horses. Young horses that go on the trails, go to horse shows and are more sensible than the 20-year-old horse in my barn! I’m not saying those people should stop posting about their horses. I think it’s great, I just don’t have one of those horses. What I do have is MY horse. The one I love and the one that makes me WORK my butt off! He challenges me, forces me to be a better rider and loves me unconditionally.

My horse may not be push-button or bombproof, but he makes my heart happy. When he learns something new, that GIANT payoff is worth all of the patience and training I’ve invested in our journey. My horse may not be perfect, but neither am I. We are on this ride together and we are loving every second!

For everyone with horses like mine, the best things in life aren’t always handed to you. Keep working towards your goals and the payoff will feel amazing!

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  1. William Paul

    Outstanding! I myself have such horses and loved them! I always liked a challenge!I have a good friend who lives in Portland who has just such a horse.She is going to be one great horse!


    We have that same twenty plus horse, who is a joy now that he acknowledges that we are all working together just to have fun! Have two other rescue horses that are also learning that people and riders can be great especially if they can find the hidden treats. I wouldn’t change any of them for a nice beastie that can compete and behave perfectly. Our three give us joy, challenges and a great feeling of pride when we do make progress together.


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