Video: God Made A Horse

God made a horse…feeling so thankful.  This video is worth watching for everyone. Share this on Facebook if you are thankful for the horses in your life!

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    • Darcy Potter

      I just watched this for the 5th time and everytime it has made me cry…….so true…..those that have never had a horse have missed out on a HUGE part of life…

    • Geary Whiting

      God created the human touch called massage, because He knew the horse needed us as much as we needed them and it would be our gift to one of his greatest creations. Geary Whiting

  1. George

    I would would never have survived the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” but for the 23 years of unconditional love of my best gal, “Little Sugar Doll,” a King Ranch bred Quarter Horse out of “Panhandle Dolly” by “Sugar Daddy.”

    God bless you, Sugar, RIP.

  2. MyBigRedHorse

    AMEN 🙂 Thank you for reminding us about God’s Love.
    Yes, GOD Made a Horse. One of “HIS” BEST Creations !!

  3. Xanthea

    This movie makes me miss my horse so much he was and still is my light. I still think of him everyday each minute and second of each day. RIP Nathan my beautiful horse. I miss you.

  4. John

    Every time I watch it , a different reminder why I work so hard to enjoy the lifestyle of raising cow/calf pairs on horseback. I’m hoping God takes me while I’m in my stirrups.

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  6. Joyce Shelling

    This was just so nice and I know that my horse who I have had for 25 years and she has helped me so many times. She is still with me and I would not let her go until it is her time. God did make a horse for us thanks


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