Race Horse Sighting At A Reining Horse Show And You’ll Never Guess What Comes Next!

Laura Mae Schoeller and her horse Pickup Chic were the 2010 All American Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle Reining champions! There are so many great freestyle reining performances and this one is right there with the best of them!

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4 Responses

  1. Dutchuncle

    Having a hard time believing THIS is a “Race Horse” a little too slow and WAY to fat. sadly, some people will believe this to be true.

    • Karen

      Geez.it explains everything writing. There is an interview explaining how she trained him for this out there somewhere.He is a Reiner imitating a race horse.
      A famous one at that. As some one else said, “lighten up.” It is FREESTYLE reining.

  2. l

    It’s like their sandbox got lost and they’re trying to find it. Amusing for about five seconds.


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