Danger Of Red Maple Toxicity In Horses

Dr. Parks with Iron Will Mobile Veterinary Services wanted to remind everyone about the danger of Red Maple Leaf Toxicity in horses.  They wrote on their Facebook page, “Dr. Parks has been managing a group of horses who unfortunately munched on wilted red maple leaves from a down tree and wanted to remind everyone of the danger of red maple toxicity.”

Iron Will Mobile Veterinary Services

They continued, “Eating the bark and leaves can cause severe damage to the red blood cells, resulting in life-threatening anemia and kidney damage. We can give medications to reduce uptake from the GI tract if we see the horse early and IV fluids once horses are showing signs of toxicity.

Know what these leaves look like and contact your vet immediately if you think your horse has ingested any!”

Source, Iron Will Mobile Veterinary Services.  Share this on Facebook if you found this information helpful.

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