Scientists Prove Horses Can Talk By Pointing At Signs

Young thoroughbred arabian horse standing in the stable doorWe all know that horses can talk to us, signal to us and communicate quite well.  Now, there’s proof for the whole world to see!  In an experiment published by Applied Animal Behaviour Science, all 23 horses in the trial were successfully trained to communicate by pointing at signs.  The horses were trained to signal whether they wanted their blanket taken on or off.  Training was 10-15 minutes per day for a maximum of 14 days.    EVERY HORSE in the trial was successful!

In the study they found that warm-blood type horses needed fewer training days than cold-blood type horses.  They went a step further and tested the horses under different weather conditions.  The results showed that the horses choices were not random, they were directly reflected on what the weather was.

Horses chose not to have a blanket when the weather was nice.  When the weather was windy, rainy or cold they chose to have a blanket on.  To me this is the most amazing part.  The study showed that horses understood the consequences of their choices.  Horses are so much more intelligent than most people will ever know.  Share this on Facebook if you think horses are AMAZING!

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