Shetland Pony Brutally Attacked, Please Help Police Catch The Person Who Did This

One of the things I love about running The Horseaholic is all of the fun and entertaining posts and stories I get to write about.  They make me smile as much as I hope they make you smile.  When I read the story about this pony my first reaction was to not post it.  I just can’t get it out of my mind, how cruel these people were to this poor innocent pony.  I decided I have to post it just in case it may lead to finding the person who did this and putting them behind bars.  I must warn you the rest of this post and the video below are very graphic, so I don’t blame you if you can’t read any further. WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT FOLLOWS.

Patches, a Shetland pony who belonged to Hugo Lopez and his family, was brutally attacked Saturday night in Rupert, Idaho. His lead rope was cut, they drug him one and a quarter miles behind a vehicle, then they dismembered him by cutting off part of his groin according to a report by KIDK 3. His injuries were so severe that their neighbor said his eyes were swollen. He was mutilated, he had open woulds on his knees, puncture wounds and his eyes were swollen shut. The wounds were so severe that Patches had to be put down on Sunday morning.

Patches was known as the neighborhood pony. He spent his days grazing at the corner lot where children would stop to give him treats. “I used him to teach my kid how to behave around horses,” Lopez told KIDK 3.

“These horses, they depend on us,” George King of King Equestrian Center said, KIDK 3 reports. “They depend on us to feed them and water them and take care of them. It’s just absolutely terrible. I don’t know; it just amazes me that people even think about doing something like that.”

The Lopez family is absolutely devastated over the loss of Patches, especially in such a brutal manner. They said that the pony’s suffering is what hurts the most. I couldn’t agree more. It’s so sad that there are sick people who would do this to an innocent animal.

So far, there are no leads to who committed this brutal attack. Someone has to know something If you do know something that could help catch the person who did this please contact the Minidoka Sheriff’s Office at (208) 434-2324. Lets hope that the person who did this will soon be caught and put behind bars (where they can’t do this again). Please help catch this person by Sharing this on Facebook.

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  1. Barbara Garland

    Whoever is responsible for this should be drug behind a vehicle and mutuliated! Prayers for that sweet innocent pony and his family

  2. Rain

    This tears my heart out, I own a 24 yr old gelding that was stolen from his paddock when he was a year old and drug by his lead down the highway till he had almost no hoof left, it took 3 years for him to heal from the injuries, I thank God daily for him being in my life I cannot fathom what prompts people to do such evil to innocent animals. My boy is my best friend and my heart I have had him since he was 3 months old and a bottle baby. No one was ever caught but God held him in his hands and brought him back to my family.

  3. Cindy

    People we need to put pressure on Idaho lawmakers to enact tougher laws for Animal Rights.
    Idaho has a horrible track record because of the huge farming, Ag and food industry presence here. When it comes to animal protection laws, Idaho is ranked an abysmal 49th in the county. They even passed a law (Ag Gag) making it illegal for whistle-blowers to report animal cruelty in Idaho (it was just recently repealed as unconstitutional).
    We all feel so helpless to do anything when things like this happen.
    “I’m just one person…how can I make a difference?”
    Write your lawmakers. Every single letter makes a huge difference.
    You can make a difference.
    Below is an Email list you can use to contact your Idaho lawmakers.
    Thank You for taking the time to make a difference.

  4. wendy

    A psychic did a reading on this I urge anyone connected to this story to google put in the words horse and idaho it will come up. She gave many details to catch the. abusers. I think its an ex employee and he did it to another horse. Please connect these dots. Goodluck


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