New Study Reveals Equestrians Are Determined, Enthusiastic, Structured, And Balanced!

Woman riding horse
A new study conducted by the German National Federation FN, found that riders are determined, enthusiastic, structured and balanced. They found that Equestrians exhibit these positive traits to a much greater extent than people who have other hobbies.

I know that to those of us who ride horses, this is something we have always instinctively known. It does feel nice to have proof though! In the study the personality of 813 riders and non-riders were investigated. They were looking at the effects of many years of dealing with horses. “We have always been convinced of the positive impact of the horse on the development of children and adolescents, because it corresponds to our experience and observations. But we wanted to know if our estimates and arguments are and what the effect is exactly,” said Soenke Lauterbach, Secretary General of the German equestrian Federation.

Also, when it comes to interpersonal relationships they stated “The close contact with the animal requires a high degree of empathy and sensitivity to the subtle body language of horses. These skills come riders in dealing with other people’s good,” says Soenke Lauterbach. This is especially beneficial for young people. A horse is a best friend who they can not only learn from, but also tell all their secrets, dreams, and worries to.

Parents are always looking for activities to enroll their children in that will give them a self-confidence and build great character. According to the study, horse people have more of the following traits than non horse people: Leadership, assertive, determined, enthusiastic, competitive, resilient and structured. With results like that, who wouldn’t want their child to ride horses?

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