Simple Cribbing Solution You’ll Wish You Found Sooner!

Cribbing is a vice that most horse owner’s don’t have to worry about, but if you do happen to have a horse that cribs this is a great solution to try. Swanspool Equine Veterinary Clinic recently visited a client who found a simple solution. They attached a broom end to the stable door and it has completely stopped their horse from wind sucking/cribbing.

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4 Responses

  1. Sherry

    That works on a door, however, a horse that cribs will find another place to do it. I.e. His feed tub, water bucket etc.

    • Mickey Sandridge

      That’s what mine does. He “spreads” it around! But what we have found that works is simple – none of the marketed products ever worked with him, but my hubby remembered his granddaddy having a mule that cribbed, and he put a simple leather strap, about 3 inches wide, with a buckle (essentially a wide, long dog collar) around his throatlatch area, and when his head is up, tighten it to almost choking. But when his head is down, it loosens up plenty, he can graze, drink, eat, whatever.

      • Kim Serrahn

        That’s a cribbing collar and has been around for tons of years.

  2. Kevin

    If a horse is secluded with a broom end for a period of time will they go back to cribbing after. My understanding is this is a digestion issue and ulcers can contribute to it as well.


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