Stallion Meets Foal For The First Time In Pasture!!

This potentially dangerous situation went remarkably well! Would you turn your mares and foals out with your stallion?

4 Responses

  1. nikki beneke

    I would not stallions are unpredictable and whats fine one moment may not be in others

  2. Kelsey

    My aunt and uncle always left their spotted saddle horse stud in with their mares and foals. He was there when they were born and he knew they were his babies. There was no way he would ever hurt any of them. He never so much as pinned his ears back. People give stallions a bad rap and some of them fit the bill but most of them aren’t any worse than a mare. With proper handling and training they can be some of the best horses out there.

  3. Adriana

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this video! Happy Father’s Day to all!


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