STOLEN HORSE – Houston – Please Help Find Him!

3-year-old Paint horse stolen from Bingle Road Stables in NW Houston, located off of Bingle near Pinemont during the overnight hours of 2/6 – 2/7/2018. It appears the thieves attempted to steal another horse as well.

Source: Nicole Szelc Russell Facebook
Stolen horse & camera photos of thieves. Source: Nicole Szelc Russell Facebook

Nicole Szelc Russell posted on Facebook,

“Last night every horse owner’s worst fear almost became my reality.

When I arrived at the barn this morning to feed, Beaux’s gate to the pasture was open. No big deal, I figured I just didn’t lock the gate well and he let himself out. I went into the pasture and didn’t see him anywhere, so I thought maybe he was hanging with Gage at his stall… I walk over to Gage’s stall and he is gone, too. The horse next to him is missing as well. There is another filly loose in the pasture, but her mom is still in the stall. There are lead ropes and halters on the ground in the pasture. I start to panic. I rush back over to Beaux’s stall and that is when I spot Gage in the common area near the arena along with Dixie the mini. I grab a halter and lead and take him back to his stall and put Dixie in the stall next door. I figure that since I found Ruby in the common area that Beaux is in there as well; I rush around the whole property checking stalls and places where he might be hanging out. Nothing. I search the pasture calling for him and I find nothing. I don’t hear him nickering to me, and he ALWAYS talks to me. The full-fledged panic sets in and the tears come because I know now someone has stolen my horse. All of the sudden I have a wave of calm come over me and I have the notion to go check outback behind the barn. I didn’t think to look there before because the gate was closed and locked. As I get to the gate I see a bay neck through a stall… lo and behold there he is, tied to a tree behind the stables. I get back there and find that whoever it was came through the back, cut through a chain, came through the gate and left with a 3 year old paint horse. They tried to take Beaux but I suspect he gave them just enough hell that they decided “forget this horse” and left him tied. Beaux has always been a little full of himself, and super smart. I am sure this was to his benefit last night, thank God. However, the little paint they call Barry is still missing and as soon as I have pictures of him I will be posting for shares far and wide.

If you’re in the Houston area, be extra vigilant. The HLSR is just around the corner and so are the trail rides… horse and tack thefts spike around this time every year. Do what you can to protect your horses and property from these lowlifes who would come and steal from you.”

Source:  Nicole Szelc Russell Facebook.  Please email with any information regarding his whereabouts.  Please SHARE This on Facebook and help Bring Barry Home!

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