Stolen Horse Is Found After 10 Years Missing….Watch The Amazing Reunion!

10 Years after he was stolen,, Opie was finally reunited with his owner Michelle and of course it brought tears to my eyes (good ones)! Michelle was heartbroken when her beloved horse was stolen from his barn when he was just a few years old. Despite searching endlessly for him she never gave up hope. Stolen Horse International, aka were the amazing organization that finally helped to piece together his return. Thanks to another horse person browsing on Craigslist and her knowledge of the horses on – they were able to reunite him with Michelle. What a wonderful story with a perfect ending, but sadly horse theft is on the rise in the USA with hundreds of family’s never seeing their horse or pony again. Share this on Facebook if you love a happy ending (and to show support for Stolen Horse International)!

5 Responses

  1. Carly LeBrun

    I want to know how much time the people who stole the horse get. I hope that the owner of the horse goes into court and gives a victim statement. This is just like stealing someone’s child. Fuckers better do a lot of time. But they won’t, unless she pursues it hard. Let the prosecutor know what they have done to you and what they have put you through for the last 10 years. Demand that you are allowed to give a victims statement in court. It’s always your right to do so when you are the victim of a crime. Any crime.

    • Linda Smith

      The person might not be the person selling the horse, it could have changed hands many times.

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