Stop Using Botox On Horses Necks!

How did we reach the point where people think it’s actually acceptable to botox a horse’s neck???? Yes, that’s right…according to our sources, people are now botoxing horses necks and going out and showing them like this. I am so glad that AQHA added thermal imaging of horses’ necks at the AQHA world show.  This reminds me of when people started doing horse’s tails.   Honestly, this is disgusting.  The fact that ANYONE thinks this is an acceptable thing to do to a horse is absolutely disgusting.  Come on people, we have to do better than this!  Stop conforming to the “in” trends or doing something just because your trainer tells you or everyone else in your barn is doing it.  Just because everyone you know is doing it doesn’t make it right.   There are great trainers out there, trainers that are winning and won’t sacrifice your horse’s health, comfort, or care to win.  If you have a trainer that is using cheat type methods like botox, please go pick your horse up now and find someone who actually cares about your horse.  It’s time to do better and put our horses first!   Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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