The Difference 2 Minutes Of Patience Can Make When Training Horses

It seems like we are always in a hurry. We rush around to work, school, running errands, meeting up with friends. The beauty of horses is they make us take a step back and enjoy the moment.
This mustang had never seen a man made water box before. To top it off, this one is super scary. It has a piece of plywood inside that floats, but has holes in it so the water shoots up through the holes when it is stepped on, which the horses don’t expect.

Lets just say the first time this horse tried going through wasn’t pretty, but watch what happens a minute and a half later and it’s perfect. What a difference a minute and a half can make.
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Now imagine what would have happened if the rider tried to “rush” this situation. I think it’s safe to bet that it wouldn’t have ended up this positive!

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