This Adorable Baby Donkey Will Melt Your Heart!

This baby donkey is as cute as it gets. From the moment he burst out of his stall he melted my heart and had me laughing at the same time. He reminds me of a little tornado!

I hope you enjoy the video below.

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12 Responses

  1. Tyso

    Just imagine if he wasnt locked up how he could run – I feel sorry for him

    • Anonymous

      Yes he should run free, like all animals! Especially in todays world! Let them all run free, like deer and then the insurance companies could really be rich!

    • yogibushi

      Run free? OK, do not build all your houses, get ride of most cities…quit having billions of human babies and maybe just maybe this could happen! How about we start with you? Tear your house down and make a much larger running area? no? Thought not.

      • Pauline

        I so agree with you. We were just talking about how we humans have taken over the natural habitat of many animals. This little mule needs space and room he deserves. Having said that, I live in Hong Kong where lots of people get much smaller space than this little guy. Either that, they can pay up to $1 mil for a flat the size of this shed.

  2. Anonymous

    Hate to rain on all you animal rights idiots, but I will anyway> The “little guy” is spending a while in the barn and a contained area until he is big enough and quick enough to outrun trouble. He is one hundred percent safe in his area at this time. I imagine if, like most livestock owners, and especially those that raise them for profit, he receives better care than most of you gave or give your children if you weren’t to self centered to have any. Further, once he is strong enough, he will probably have his run of a pasture with all the best of livestock food. Get over yourselves folks. People that raise livestock usually love them as much as you love your dog or cat, and probably give them much better care.

  3. paddicakes

    Just think if he could run wild and then we could watch the cute little cougar kittens romp and play after their meal. To Pauline I believe this is a donkey not a mule if it was a mule it probably would not exist in the wild

  4. Cjm

    It’s a fly mask they are made of a screen material to keep bugs out of her eyes

  5. Anonymous

    Wonderful donkeys – but sadley, not nearly enough of the space and grass they deserve . . .

    • Anonymous

      If mini donkeys eat too much lush grass they can get laminitis which can be deadly…these little guys come from areas where grass isn’t lush….they’re digestive systems can’t handle too much..they don’t need to eat grass 24/7…..Mama and baby are in a quiet environment and are allowed time to bond and for baby to become stronger before putting out with others…….The “fly mask” on her face is to keep bugs out of her eyes and from biting her……ugh…….


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