UPDATE ON Dual Peppy and Other Starved and Neglected Horses In Colorado

Source:  www.wittelsbuerger.de

Source: www.wittelsbuerger.de

BREAKING News: The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that the State Humane Society will be confiscating the animals from Black Forest. They were found last Friday. Several were found dead and the ones that were found alive were malnourished. Former World Champion Cutting Horse and Leading Sire Dual Peppy is among these horses. The horses will be taken to a large animals rescue. Right now they are still trying to figure out where the llamas will go. Stay tuned for the latest. Please continue to SHARE this on Facebook, and help these horses get out of an awful situation!

Source: Facebook

6 Responses

  1. Kris

    This woman/people that harmed these horses should not be allowed to even own a pet rock. If they have no regard to look after and provide for their animals, maybe they should do some community services at one of our prisons. They can tend to inmates rather than animals that rely on humans for survival. Not only have these people failed as horse owner, but so did those who turned a blind eye to the situation. Horses don’t deteriorate to that extent over night, someone must have witnessed what was going on, and stood back and let it continue. Truly sad. It is the horses that suffered that I feel for. They didn’t ask for that life.

  2. nancy

    Kris-you are so right!No animal deserves this kind of
    treatment-if, a good home is in the future for any of
    them; we can provide-owned horse for over 40 years here
    in Kansas and can provide vet references. I hope that
    these beautiful horses never go back to these people,if,
    they do it once, who says they wont abuse them again!
    They would be better of roaming the mountains then in
    hands of this person(s). They sure don’t look like this
    in a weeks time!

  3. Judyzowew

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