Watch The Most Impressive Bull You’ll Ever See – Athlete Profile: Mick E Mouse (PBR)

Marlene Henry talks about raising Mick E Mouse and what he means to her.  If you like this video, Share it with your friends on Facebook!

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    • Jennifer M

      While I would initially agree with you, I think this bull is one of the lucky ones. No doubt he is pampered and well taken care of and will most likely have a nice retirement when he’s finished, unlike many of the other ones who will get cast aside and sent to slaughter.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support bull riding or any rodeo events which involve using animals for entertainment, but someone who will take care of the animal like this is better than the many, many a-holes who don’t.

    • Sparkles

      Don’t know much about bulls, do you? Hard to hurt a 2000lb bull by riding him.

    • Makena

      LOL Becfield. Try and do some research before you write of something you obviously know nothing about! These animals are very, very well taken care of. They are inspected by Animal Control Officers before each event. They are worth a great deal of money, so they are pampered. Try not be a doufous next time you post!

    • Marlene

      You have no ideal what you are talking about. He is very well cared of and has never been tortured.

  1. Lisa

    Oh yeah, that bull looks tortured, especially when she’s hand feeding him! :::rolling eyes:::

  2. Rodeo queen

    Seriously people you obviously don’t know shit about rodeo these bulls are very well taken care of and are not harmed. There is not one animal in the sport of rodeo that is harmed by the sport so all you damned city slickers need to keep your mouths shut cuz you don’t have your shit straight and don’t know anything about rodeo or bulls!! These animals are athletes they are bred for this same as the horses and all that they are athletes and are very well respected and very well treated!!!

    • Jo

      My family and I have been rodeoing for years. The majority, by far, of these people take better care of their animals than most of you city people take care of your children!

      • doufous

        I live in the city and grew up in the country. Blanket statements don’t fit well anywhere.

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