Watch This Small Child And His Giant Horse Jump The Moon!

This 7 year old child and his horse are truly inspiring! Both are extremely talented and they appear to be a real team! Share this on Facebook and show your support for young riders 🙂

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  1. Katzarr Montgomery

    Excellent Horse; great little rider.; gave me
    “goose” bumbs,; used to show, and so did my daughter,; kept her busy with horses and showing,; kept her off the streets at a young age.; many nice memories. Kootos to this girls parents. God Bless OUR HORSES.; I am horse “rich” have 15 head of equines,; everyone gets plenty to eat and much LOVE all day,; spend the day with them in the stables; they love the attention,; they ARE my life. <3

    • Elizabeth Cowling-Jones

      everyone uses those nose bands these days… I am against them… but here in europe you cannot buy a normal bridle anymore they all come with the leather to keep the horses mouth shut.

      • Name.

        This could no be more inaccurate. I have ridden in Europe for many years, I have one horse in a ‘normal’ nose band and another in a flash. My horse needs the flash or else he will open his mouth, grab the bit, and become very strong.

    • lesley

      Christ there are just some people that have to moan and bitch. One word jealous. Can’t you just be happy for the kid doing a good job staying on board instead of bitching youmiserable people

    • DCM

      The flash noseband is not necessarily some evil contraption to keep a horse’s mouth shut. Properly used, it helps to keep the bit steady in the horse’s mouth.

    • Alex

      The flash certainly isn’t getting that horse over those jumps. Both the horse and rider must be talented in order to achieve this hight, if neither were up to par, both the boy and the rails would be on the ground.

    • Michelle’s only a flash, not a full on grackle, any horse can open it’s mouth and have a bit slide through and it’s a tight little arena.. People are so judgemental. Horse is in a simple snaffle, with little legs barely brushing his sides yet is doing exactly what is required when he could just hot up and get feral ..

    • Ruth

      And a martingale, saddle and bridle……adults use a flash nose band and presumably this horse is being ridden in tack which is specific to it. I fail to see how that detracts from a child who is in total balance and riding with soft, kind hands and an independent seat!

  2. Deb

    I’m concerned about the jerky motion of the child’s neck with the head being thrust forward every time the horse lands on its front legs. Compared to the rest of the body, the child’s head is relatively large (ratio goes down with age) and neck muscles clearly too weak to keep the head in place. It’s the first thing I noticed when watching the clip. The parents must be seeing this all the time, what are they thinking?

    • Luc

      one word:jealousy. the kid is doing a fab job and keeping the upper body still will come with practice. imagine being on a horse that big, jumping that big with being so small! It probably wouldn’t happen on a pony.

      • Lindsey

        I’m pretty sure Deb was referring to the danger of a neck injury to the kid, not saying that he has poor equitation. That child is obviously extremely talented and a great little rider.

      • Robyn

        How does someone stating concern about the child equate to jealousy? The commenter in no way stated that the child has bad technique.

      • Deb

        Hi Luc, why do you think I’m jealous? How does the way you view me as a jealous type of person relate to my concern? I started working with horses at an early age and to this day, it has always been about learning from the horse and working on an optimal relationship with the horse where work/play is fun for both horse and human. For me it has never been so much about competing with others since that has little to do with my and the horse’s personal journey. As a children’s health care professional I’m very concerned at what I see. With the head and neck subjected to this kind of pressure and jerking motions it’s only a matter of time until signs of damage will show. If you watch a clip of car crash test, you will see basically the same movement.

  3. Jamie

    This is wonderful =) as a show jumper and eventer it warms my heart to see kids with the same passion as me. I read the other comments before watching and saw no head snapping of the child. Also, the flash is not an abusive thing. In show jumping especially, it helps the rider stay in constant contact with the horse. If you go to buy a jumper bridle it will almost always come with a figure eight nose band. If this kid is anything like I was I know he is having a blast on that horse =)

  4. amanda

    what an amazing rider n fabulous horse young rider did a great job very talented indeed x

  5. Barbara

    The horse and rider did a wonderful job. I would not have put a small rider on a big horse. We were always put, as small kids, on ponies. My instructor said so the fall wasn’t as far down and when we did our emergency dismount we would land on our feet.

  6. chloe

    its not about talent its about money in this case, sure theres some talent, but the kid has a GPA, tall boots, and all the kit, plus that horse and look at the arena and the coach, $$$ money helps … i see some talent but .. mehh

    • Judith

      If I gave you money for all those things I bet you still wouldn’t be able to do as well as that child – you’ve got a bad attitude. Grow up and let the kid enjoy life.

      • Anonymous

        lol i dont need your money idiot, you dont know me or anything about me, its an observation. i am a successfull eventer and showjumber, and owner for years. yes i do love proving to people that money doesnt mean anything especially at shows with snoby bitches like you, but thats besides the point. and NOW is when you have the roght to say i have a bad attitude, as a reflection to your ignorant comment.

  7. Debra

    The little fella did a great job! Yeah there was a nose band…. but I highly doubt that horse felt much on the bridle… i did see his neck fall a bit forward… I am sure that jump felt big to him… it was an awesome round!

  8. Terri-Anne Walker

    WOW!!!!! little ride with Big horse,, look really nice ride and jumping wow!! hope they will go to show jumping in the future…

  9. alex

    Wow…some people just can’t help but complain about something…The point of a flash nose band is to help keep the bit in the corner of the mouth. Some horses play with the bit and they push it forward with thier tounge and grab it with their teeth and will hold the bit there, which takes away good contact.

  10. Annonymous

    Crike, never ceases to amaze me that people criticise so readily. Just wish they could find it in themselves to look for the positives and keep the negatives to themselves.

    Whether they have money or not a lovey recording of a very small child looking extremely competent. a calm little rider who gives his pony a well deserved pat the end. Well done little one – great example for other riders

  11. Ann Best

    What bitchy comments from many of you! I know nothing about horses but I certainly wouldn’t want to join the horsey community if this is an example of what goes on.

  12. James

    why on earth does a kid that young have spurs and if so, why the hell is he allowed to kick repeatedly and not squeeze?
    surely the whole point of teaching children to ride is to teach them correctly in the first place!
    and what with his nodding head? very unstable. id be quite worried if i was his mum.
    AND NO- NOT JEALOUS (lol) but concerned for the lack of correct training, which is essential if we are not to continue to spurn out dreadful riders with no skills.
    A very good and talented horse making sure his rider is safe at all times, worth his weight in gold.


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