Watch The World’s Most Adorable Stallion!

Nibbit is a beautiful Haflinger stallion. He’s talented and gorgeous to boot! The relationship between him and his rider looks wonderful. If you think Nibbit is adorable, Share this video with your friends on Facebook!

3 Responses

  1. nursevivi

    Beautiful video and horse. I hope the stars aren’t branded or tattooed on. That would be cruel.

    • Linda

      The horse is body clipped. His winter fur is clipped off and he is blanketed during the winter. It is to make it easier to cool and dry the horse out after a ride. The stars are just a design that was clipped into his coat. That is the color that his winter coat is naturally. The rest of him except his head has been clipped short.

  2. MichelleL

    Having body clipped a few horses in my time the stars on his butt were the first thing that drew my attention. Kudos to these two for their patience!


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