10 Reasons Horses Are Better Than Boyfriends!

horses make the best boyfriends1.  Horses will always love you; they won’t wake up one day and leave you hanging at the cross ties without a ride!

2.  An 18 year old gelding is very mature for his age!



3.  Horses are into stable relationships!

4.  Horses won’t complain about eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

5.  Riding dates can be whenever you want…no waiting around for horses to check their schedule!

6.  Instead a bunch of “Hey Girl” texts…..your horse gives you that “Hay Girl” whinny at dinner time!

7.  Spending time with horses is like going to the gym. Only horses don’t care if how you look, they love you no matter what smile emoticon

8.  Your dad trusts a 1000lb animal more than a 150lb boy!

9.  Horses won’t tell any of your secrets.

10.  Just stick with horses…they’ve got boys beat in all categories!

Written By Megan D’Andrea.  Share this on Facebook if you think horses are better than boyfriends!