Carriage Horses Near Death – Watch Their Amazing Rescue

It’s been one year since Luke and Ike were rescued by Last Chance Corral. Victoria Goss at Last Chance Corral wrote, “Luke and Ike! Remember them?? It’s been one year since we rescued these guys. Once majestic carriage horses, reduced to skin and bone and near death. Thankfully we were called to the rescue. A three hour drive that we weren’t sure they would survive. But survive they did. The first few weeks were critical, so many things could go wrong. Our team of experts worked together and got them stabilized. Vet, Farrier, meds and groceries. Lots and lots of GROCERIES specialized feed, supplements and love. We give special thanks to CONA, feed suppliers and caring people that gave generously to help offset the cost of their rehabilitation. In just three months time we were able to bring them back to robust, handsome draft horses.”

Victoria continued, “Time and neglect had taken there toll, both had dental problems and one had penis cancer. Long term care for special needs horses takes financial resources, a big heart and time. Being a rescue with limited resources and just a very small facility we knew that we would not be able to care for them for very long and still be able to save the 150- 200 orphan nurse mare foals that we get each year starting in Jan. The time was getting near and the boys were healthy enough and strong enough that they could go to a forever home. There were many kind folks offering to give them homes. We were thrilled when Karen Gates-Miscovich stepped up to the plate with adequate facility and resources to offer these guys the life the deserved. So it was decided that they would be retiring to Florida. They have had many adventures since leaving that barren field we found them in last Oct. including a hurricane! They are both doing well, have had dental work, surgeries and all of there needs met. We are so grateful.
If ever you see an animal in need speak up! They can’t speak for themselves. Call police, call the sheriff, call the humane agent, keep calling until some listens and they are saved.
~Always love the horses.
~Always help the helpless.
~Always from the bottom of my heart.
~Victoria Goss”

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