Channing Tatum Rescues A Horse….If You Weren’t A Fan Before, You Will Be Now!


Channing Tatum Facebook

Channing Tatum Facebook

Just when I thought Channing Tatum couldn’t get any hotter, he rescues a horse! I was a fan before and I’m an even bigger fan now.

He posted the above picture with the caption “Meet “Smoke” my rescue horse. He loves beer! We’re meant to be. (to be clear he just loves the smell)”

Well Smoke, I think you may have just hit the jackpot. I hope you and Channing are friends for years to come! Share this on Facebook if you’d love to see more celebrities like Channing Tatum rescue horses!

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    So Happy for you Channing, such a beautiful thing to see you rescuing a gorgeous horse. Hope you can create a special bond with Smoke and will see some more pictures of you riding and doing some type of discipline with him.


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