Dear APHA Exhibitors – It’s Time To Stop Complaining And Start Problem Solving!

13233408_1098387766850467_1060929124_nI’ve shown and been a member of the APHA (American Paint Horse Association) since I was just three years old. I’ve been a very accomplished exhibitor, but I don’t let it go to my head! I’ve always been taught to solve the problems, not to talk about them! I used to have a blast going from show to show, seeing all my friends and horse show family.  Now I see more negativity than happiness and excitement!

I’m tired of seeing people complain and complain, over and over again about show schedules, judges, cattle fees, etc. Yet, all these people do is complain.  They don’t get out there and solve the problem. Or at least help!

You’re an exhibitor, but you’re also what makes the association! If you want to make it negative, than keep at it and don’t put in a hand! If you’d like change in our association to maybe help make schedules different, better educated judges, motivated exhibitors, etc. then write letters, make suggestions at horse shows, ask who you can contact to discuss the different issues that you see!

Bring the issues to APHA not to social media!!! DON’T JUST POST ABOUT IT, DO SOMETHING POSITIVE INSTEAD! Rant Over! Please no negative comments!

Written By, Peyton Weldon.  Share this on Facebook if you LOVE APHA showing!

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