Horse Attacks Man In Retaliation – Worst Attack I’ve Ever Seen!

This is the worst horse attack I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen a horse retaliate like this against a human. Against a predator trying to eat them – yes. This just shows you what this horse thinks of humans…very sad 🙁

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    • Anonymous

      No probably about it. He got exactly what he deserved. The saddest part of this is that people abuse animals all the time and get away with it. I wish that more animal abusers got what they deserve!

      • Theresa Casey

        I totally agree this guy got what he deserved. That poor horse..what is wrong with they not realize these animals feel pain, have emotions…they just don’t speak (can’t speak) like people but they feel everything a human feels. Animals do not react this way unless they have been abused to a point of enough is enough. No pity for the guy here!

      • Lyn

        Some might think l am abit sick in the head, but l love it when l see an animal giving a human a dose of his own medicine….

      • Be strong

        Not sick at all. :

        And, you are not alone. 😉

      • Suzanne

        I totally agree with you Lyn… there’s far too many abusers getting away with it…. I’m definitely on the horse’s side…I wonder what eventually happened to her x

      • Shanty

        Yes, I love it also. Ppl like that should be, shot an pissed on. Or vice versa. lol. Ppl who are crule to animals are not human, their just sick MTF’s

      • Carla

        nothing wrong with you, you’re not they only one.
        I laughed my ass of watching. Believe me i’m sane!
        Maybe i have a weird sence of humor. Anyway annimals don’t atack for no reason, he got it coming, and watching that makes my day!!

      • Gitte Løyche

        You’re not sick at all – you’re SO right!

      • Darren

        I disagree he got what he deserved. What he deserved was to get rabies & die in agony. That poor horse 🙁 Same goes for every animal abuser in the world. Hope you all rot in hell !!

      • Wazzy

        Good for her! I assume it’s truly retaliation but we’re taking their word for it. My worry is what happened to her afterwards?

      • Phantomchaaos

        Michael Vick should have suffered everything he made his dogs suffer.

      • Helen

        He got what he deserved. This should happen to all ANIMAL AB– USERS. I also hope they all rot in he

      • Arcticwolf777

        This scumbag got exactly what he deserved, good for the Horse!!!!

      • sylvia o shaughnessy

        In the first few seconds you can see them throwing rocks at the poor horse. That man deserved everything he got AND MORE!!! People who subject animals to this torture should be subjected to the exact same in return… I am glad he was attacked and I am not apologising to anybody for that either.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, and just think of all the BILLIONS of cows, pigs, and chickens who are tormented, even tortured, on a daily basis. Everyone who is against animal cruelty should please stop eating meat!!! Because every time you eat meat, you are supporting torture of innocent animals who feel pain and fear.

      • Anonymous

        While i agree animal abusers should be abused themselves i have to disagree that you shouldn’t eat animals. Humans have eaten animals since their beginnings. For good reason. We are omnivores. Being merciful during the slaughter of an animal for consumption shows regret in taking life. Using every last bit of it shows respect. Just because people eat animals does not make them cruel.

      • Name

        Eindelijk een dier dat wraak neemt! Mooi om te zien!! Get him horsy!!Comment

      • Mary

        The really sad part is that poor mare was more than likely killed for trying to defend herself from this monster,who never saw the inside of a courtroom for the abuse he inflicted on animal(because of the country this took place in), who, in the beginning did her best to please him.
        I says KUDOS and a loving pat for this horse!!

      • Rmac

        Yes, I feel sad that she was probably killed and possibly killed in a very inhumane way as an act of revenge. I hope she was able to run away into the open and wasn’t found.

      • Anonymous

        Yea – it wasn’t the worst – it was the best attack. Just hope the horse is rescued.

      • John

        I agree with you on this 100%. All animals are sentient beings with families, emotions and social structure. Just because we don’t understand their language or “culture” we automatically treat them as disposable and without any intelligence, feeling or emotion. But then again, humans tend to treat others with different ways of life and those they cannot understand very poorly also.

      • Ginette

        It says he was abusive. Good for him he met an animal who could reply.

      • Laura

        Good for the horse. Maybe that low life will think twice before hurting any animal.

      • Bill Clayton

        I agree, at the beginning of the clip it looks like they were throwing rocks at the horse. I’m rooting for the horse!

      • Jennifer

        So do I. This is the most satisfying thing ive seen in ages

      • Malcolm Martyn

        Sadly when they do retaliate they get destroyed… shame on us for letting such bad treatment of animals go by with out protecting them properly ourselves.

      • Helenw

        He got what he deserved. I also wish more animal abusers get what they deserved. Poor Horse!!!

      • Linda



        The animal abuser got what he deserved. Tired of seeing animal cruelty, brutality. Have no pity for the AB– USER.



      • Sheila

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      • Jeannie

        It saddens my heart to see this on both sides. Anger, torment has no place on this Earth. It hurts the man it hurts the horse. The man now will further hate the horse and others, not respect it. The horse will now further hate the man and all others as well.
        I love horses.

      • Helen

        Wish the animals would get attack their abusers. Good for this horse. Tired of hearing about animals abusing and torturing animals.

    • Min

      What makes me sad is they probably “put her down” because she was a danger to people. I don’t believe that she got the last word on this argument. Wish I wouldn’t have watched this. So sad.

      • Larisa

        I agree Min. I fear the horse was probably killed in retaliation.

    • Marti

      I just wonder what happened when he went after his horse. Hopefully, he just let her go and she will find a good home.

    • Denise


    • gabiblau

      agree absolut Becky ..he get what he deserved ..only long not enough

    • What is in a name?

      If a mistreated and aggressive dog gets loose from a yard and attacks someone on the street, do we all sit back and cheer for the dog and tell the victim they deserve it? This footage shows a horse attacking a man. The rest is speculation. This looks like it occurred in a poor area in Asia where life if very different, yet a bunch of comfortable westerners get up in arms on social media to vent their sense of schadenfreude at the incident. (Maybe the owner or farmer could use a car or van to get the iPads or espresso machine to the market next time) Yes, its possible the horse has been mistreated at some stage (or is even wild as it is unharnessed), but it is naive and inflammatory to suggest that this guy is definitely a culprit and definitely deserves to be attacked; as so many of the comments suggest. The rock is actually thrown at it by someone else during the attack whilst the guy is on the ground. I’m all for sensible treatment of animals, but cut and edited footage like this served up for people to vent is irresponsible and doesn’t properly help animal or humanitarian causes.

      • Kathy

        I understand where you are coming from, but on the other hand, animals do not attack unless they see no other option. The horse was either abused, cornered, and/or scared to react in this manner. Maybe the guy that got attacked wasn’t the abuser, but there is a big chance he was, animals know who is hurting them and will usually target that person, not just some random person unless there are many abusers and it doesn’t know who to go after. Animals who attack for food are not as predictable and have other motives, but animals who try to protect themselves do not attack at random.

      • Anonymous

        So a bear will never attack unless you abuse it? How about a shark? Animals attack people on a pretty regular basis. Take the cotton mouth for example. Minding my own business and was cornered by 3 of them. I did not invoke a response. They did it of their own accord.

      • Anonymous

        All three of which are predatory animals. They tend have a fight, not a flight, response and are far more unpredictable in who, when and why they attack.

        Horses are not predators, they are prey animals with a VERY strong flight response. Only a very desperate horse that sees no other way out will go on the attack as this one did. You can even see the rocks being thrown at it… The chances of it not having been abused are slim to none.

        The attack patterns of a predator cannot be compared to the attack patterns of prey. They are simply not comparable.

      • Pat

        throwing rocks at this diminutive horse if it was a 15 hand horse this guy would be dead but if it was a larger horse he would not have felt he could abuse it. I love to see the tables turned on human scum like him…good for the horse!!

      • Anonymous


      • douchebagjew

        Seeing people throw rocks at a cornered animal is totally in the O.K. with you then? You should see the video and pay close attention before making a comment that all of us are ignorant and naive. Untill you saw the video and saw the people mistreating the animal: don’t jump on your white horse and act intellectual and pensive. You do not speak until you can make a valid statement.

      • KnightCat

        Both the retard and his buddy WAS throwing rocks at the horse,There is NO excuse for that.Loony leftie liberals like you make me sick,Always have an excuse for evil,’it’s this’ …’it’s that’…I’ll tell you what it is..It’s people like you giving scum like that the benefit of the doubt because you’re too lazy ass to watch the facts,Go watch it again and next time Stop taking your meds and wait four hours before commenting in public places.

      • Freancy

        You don’t understand horses. They are not like dogs, they are extremely docile even when provoked. Your lack of knowledge of horses shows when you say the horse is “unharnessed” Horses NEVER attack, that is why this video is so incredible.

      • Rmac

        Horses are fight or flight animals, and it is rare for a horse to fight if flight is an option. I feel confident this horse as abused, possibly not at this exact moment, but definitely would not act this way if not abused.


        did you not see the rocks being thrown at the horse before he turned.

      • Anonymous

        I am not so sure! The pic starts with the man on the ground. I am not saying the guy was abusive, I see a horse with an uncharacteristic rage which could be caused by many health issues. Either way a horse like that is a danger. Even if she were abused she will never be safe to be around.

    • gunilla

      The WORST part is that the horse will be killed.. becaue it has learned to hate humans..
      And this was Indian people?Reincarnation? respect for life? Bullshit!!!

    • Michel

      I will side with animals over humans everyday of the week and twice on Sundays.

    • angela

      He got what he deserved, well done horse, trouble is other people probably would blame the horse

    • dani

      Good for her unfortunately she probably ended up dead when that asshole got his hands on her.But at least he got to taste alittle of what she went thru.

    • Chrissy

      Yippie for the horse, That bastard got all he deserved and probably should have gotten more. I’m sure he won’t mess with that filly again. Female power!!!! I have a horse and he’s never even nipped me, why? Because I show him love and respect. This dumbass needs a lesson in both.

    • jerry

      great I just love it didn’t get all he deserved , but , I don’t think he’ll be abusing anything for a lil while

    • Shanti

      Serves the bastard right for abusing her. I hope she got away – unfortunately, if she was caught, she would probably have been put down for her actions.

    • Horse Shazlicks

      They shouldn’t throw rocks at the horse. It bruises the meat!

    • Meri

      now that’s one AWESOME HORES definatley on the horses side .. you go girl

    • Jay

      He did. Horses NEVER act this way, unless they’ve been badly abused. I’m a Professional Horse Trainer and have been around horses my whole entire life and even ornery horses don’t act that bad. The reaction of that mare shows that she felt as if her life was in great danger.

    • lisa

      so the attack was shown but what happened to the poor horse after, ? i hope somebody looked after him,
      so so strange that he even attacked like this,

    • Lisa

      Obviously there is film footage missing…I would bet that man did something to that Filly that caused her to attack…..Horses just don’t come out of nowhere doing this! If you notice, rocks were being thrown at it during the attack, something tells me the horse was minding it’s own business and had rocks thrown at it or shooed away or hit, something! He deserved what he got, too bad he was not kicked one more time! It’s a Filly and not broke…tells you how educated these ass holes are! Horse-1, Human-O…WTG Filly!

    • horsemom

      Too bad she didn’t kill that low life scumbag! Hopefully she ran far, far away!

    • Anonymous

      He’ll yeah they tormented the filly by throwing rocks the horse didn’t provoke it. That shit head got what he deserves. So for the idiot that said yes to a preditor and no to humans what an idiot you are. The horse should have stomped his stupid ass into the ground. Oh that human was the preditor moron!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      that sorry sob, I am glad the philly gave it back! you deserve it you stupid a$$!!

    • Anonymous

      he deserved everything he got and Fifty million times MORE!!!!!!he is an ASSHOLE , piece of shit!!!! One hundred thousand people need to stone him! Animal Cruelty is a FELONY!!!!!!!!

    • Nissia


      ANIMALS – 1

      HUMAN- 0

      This human deserved it totally. He abused a horse , so in return this is what he got! ANIMALS AREN4T TORTURE TOYS! They feel harm like us so this is the best revenge I ever saw. THIS MADE MY DAY.

      PS/ He threw rocks at the horse, what did he think the horse would do? Smile and ask for more,

      I’ve lost hope in humanity.

    • Doug

      Jerk is lucky I was not there as when the horse finished with him I would have dealt with him with (EXTREME PREJUDICE). Stupid Jack – ASS.

    • diana

      animals are pushed until they can’t take it anymore, every living being has a right to self defense, i love this horse, the man should go to jail for animal abuse

    • Katrina

      Probably shouldn’t have been throwing rocks at it! Poor horse. That man got what he deserved.

    • Anonymous

      hopefully that taught him, this makes me so angry that people treat horses like that 😐

    • Becky Wilson

      I don’t see this as an “attack” at all. I see a mare DEFENDING herself against the ignorance of that human man.

      Hope someone who truly loves horses and animals of all kind rescued her and showed her that not all humans are bad and is letting her live happily ever after!

    • Plr

      More horses need to fight back such as this one. I don’t feel one ounce of pity for this idiot man.

    • Paula

      He got exactly what he deserved, I laughed so hard my side hurts, bet he thinks twice about doing that to another horse or animal for that matter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Too bad the horse did not finish this bstrd off!! What a waste of oxygen! Yayyyyyy for this beautiful horse!! Horses normally are the most docile creatures so to provoke a horse shows truly cruel evil intent!! Horse- 1 Slimeball- 0

    • Jan

      To bad that this horse didnt kill the black basterd.
      In this country all the animals gonna be killed on a terrible way…
      pakistan, india, all of you have to DIE, you fucking black basterds!

      • Jane Alexander

        To Jan, No racism please, call that guy anything you please, and call him one for me too, but I wish I could send you the video of that black guy who kissed a horse, and the expression on his face when the horse kissed him back!
        Secretariat s groom was black.
        btw, no ‘e’ in bastard.

    • Jane Alexander

      So disappointing that the S.O.B. can still stand up afterward. Much love to that sweet horse.

    • Joanna

      probably?????? what is wrong with you, someone should have taken a whip to him the idiot

    • Anonymous

      Serves his dumb ass right you don’t abuse any thing no matter what it has done or not done. He deserved more horse ass whomping.

    • Eric

      I’m curious about the ultimate perceptions of the abuser. Is he simply more cautious now when he abuses horses, or has his attitude changed? In my experience, when bullies themselves get beaten up, their hearts become harder, not softer.

    • Monica

      Defiantly got what he deserved….to bad it doesn’t happen more often, but then again when it does usually with dogs, society labels them dangerous and they are euthanized. Sad world we live in today.

  1. Common Sense

    I don’t know if you are blind, just stupid or know nothing about horses in general (?) By the looks of this it is filmed in a middle eastern country. Maybe India. Where horses and other farm animals roam the street as strays and homeless animals. This horse is most likely one of them. So you have a wild and basically un handled horse, but maybe it was just a horse that escaped though, so let’s not jump to conclusions.

    Then they people chuck things at it. So you have a probably un tamed horse with un educated idiots.

    I mean these things look like rocks! If I was a horse I would bloody well attack those idiots as well.

    Horses are flight animals, these men were throwing objects at it – trying to scare it away. The horse saw them as a predator it attacked. Good on it. Claps and hats off to the horse. Those men got what they deserve.

    It has nothing to do with ‘Oh, this is what they think of us’ kinda crap. No. It goes to show that un educated idiots throwing objects at horses is a bad mix. I’m sure this horse doesn’t do this to every person it encounters in it’s day to day life – because most of them would have common sense and not attack the poor animal.

    I hope everyone shares this around – people who don’t grow up around horses need to see that when they do crap like this around horses it ends badly.

    • Kat

      I totally agree it looks like the horse was attacking the men first and they were just trying to get it away.

    • Chrissy

      Umm no. Just because it’s a wild horse doesn’t mean it attacked with out provocation. My horse came right out of the wild, never been touched and NEVER ever attacked me or any one else. I’ve handled horses abused by people and no they never attacked me , why? Because I showed them kindness not cruelty. Horses are smarter then most people I know. They can tell you if some thing more then 1/2 mile away is out there and will most times protect YOU. This asshole got what he deserved IMO.

    • Shanti

      Common Sense – it was in India – at the beginning of the tape, the announcer states it is in Mumbai.

  2. hollygolightlypls

    Horses are prey animals. It is incredible that they alow us to touch them let alone ride them. The reason they allow us to have anything to do with them is because tey happen to be very spiritual animals. When they have been abused or feel threatened they have 2 choices. They can run or fight. In 90% of cases they will choose to run. The horse in this videa has clearly been abused in the past. It likely is psychologically scarred. It must also have felt that running was not an option until the attackers had been subdued. It needs a trainer who understands the equine heart and mind and even then it may never be fixable. As for the attackers they should shot to death…………slowly.

    A former Olympic trainer.

    • Lucy

      I saw something similar by the pyramids, 10 years old huge white male ( exeptional age for that area)they all get abused there, more or less. Usually they put up with it and die within few month of beeing used for tourism, by that time their owner made enough moneyand buys another one with no regret .
      I doubt the guy will ever change, unfortunatelly.

    • Denette

      Agree!!! ^
      The horse was being abused – NO animal, child or other defenseless creature deserves to be abused PERIOD! I am actually shocked more horse don’t kick the crap out of some of the ABUSIVE and Cruel handlers, ( heaven knows they DESERVE it ! ) Horses are Flight or Fight animals Most of the time they chose Flight – THIS ONE obviously had enough and Did what She NEEDED to do to survive by her standards. They are NOT mean, Nasty animals By any means and for the people who THINK they are, EDUCATE yourselves

    • Phyllis

      Honestly, I don’t think the horse would even need a professional trainer. Horses have the largest capacity for forgiveness or any animal I have ever seen. No matter what humans do to them, they starve them, beat them and mistreat them in so many ways. Somewhere down the road that horse will get a good owner, with a little patience and a lot of love the horse will return the love back. If a horse could talk, I believe they would say, “be gentle with me, love me, feed me and I will forever be your best friend and love you unconditionally.” That’s just my belief.

      • Heidi

        My mare was abused and starving when l rescued her. She’s the sweetest thing in the world and will softly nibble my head around diner time.
        Too bad this guy can still walk.

  3. valerie wildman

    im not supprised the horse retaliated in such a mannor the people were throwing large house bricks at the poor animal and if you watch the video clearely the horse was lame and probally in tremendous pain

  4. Tori Verderosa

    If more horses reciprocated poor handling they would all be better off.

  5. philip

    the dumb ass was lucky it was not a ful lgrown pounce and nothing left of him..this was a young horse too k t o biting and kicking

  6. :aetotoa

    No one commented on the ultimate fate of this horse. I fear they(this man and his cronies) went after her and hunted her down, perhaps with clubs, perhaps to kill her. We all like it when we see the animal get the upper hand on her tormentors but that horse is not riding off triumphant into sunset. I fear for what happened to this horse after the cameras stopped rolling.

  7. Derek

    The man got off very lightly, so what happened to the unfortunate horse?

  8. Be strong

    Too bad he didn’t die. I would have adopted the sweet horse and feed it carrots everyday!

    Good job, pony!

    • Paperbackrider

      Me too, and I’d give it hugs every day. If ever you’ve been given a hug by a horse (and I have), there’s nothing like it! And to look into their amazing eyes, you know you’ve looked into the eyes of God herself. Hugh

      • MOLLY Boots

        I agree. Grown horse would have pounded that man to death with hooves. Poor young girl didn’t know what to do, but bite and kick. The man was VERY lucky. . .Too Bad she wasn’t grown!

  9. Doc

    What a bunch of idiot commentators on this site! Cheering on a horse mauling a person based on infallible information by some narrator who says he was abusing it. (“Must be true, I saw it on TV…”) Shame on you for being gullible and for enjoying the severe danger this man was in. The horse does not even have a halter or rope on it so any abusing the man could have been doing to a loose horse would have to be severely limited. Probably a loose horse that they were trying to round up. They were throwing stones to get the horse to stop and go away. Have seen a stallion do the same to a friend of mine who took very good care of it. Did I get after that horse to save my friend? You bet your ass. Hopefully you all would have too. Get a brain people. Yes animal abuse is bad. People’s stupidity is too. Context is everything.

  10. Christine

    She should have done that well before now. He got a taste of what he was doing to her. She should have killed him. Good girl. Man should never treat any animal in that way.

  11. Jim

    I always cheer for the bulls in the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. I love it when the bulls score one and put a horn through one of those inhumane clowns.

  12. Shannon

    He defy deserves it – brainless baboon! People like that – they get away with abusing animals but WHINE when one defenses oneself by attacking a brainless, stinky jerk?

  13. vairyangel

    He got exactly what he deserved. Sadly the Horse was probably killed later on..

  14. ninbroken52

    I keep watching this video over and over again. I freakin’ LOVE IT!

  15. Despina M. Andrelus

    “A righteous man regards the life of animals” – PROVERBS 12:10; “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion & pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men” – ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI; “I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs…(They) are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no rights to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty….” – JAMES HARRIOT; “The greatness of a nation & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – MAHATMA GANDHI

  16. Marc Gordo

    I sincerely hope that this monster was shot in the stomach at the next corner by the man´s friends and than got some punishment for misbehaving against the human master.
    Any animal with this disturbed behaviour should be killed without further ado.

    • Anonymous

      I absolutely love animals and hate animal abusers. But what I hate more than that is animal activist. They are sick inhumane people that enjoy the pain and suffering of fellow human beings. I am disgusted to read some of the comments on here or any other ‘animal abuse’ video/post. You CANNOT see what happened in this video, the horse could have been wild and gotten a fright for some reason and decided to attack the closest person to it, to which these men could have tried to fend her off. Or it could have been that they are pricks and threw her with rocks. Though I do not wish that pain on either the horse nor the people. Animal activists are every bit as sick and sadistic as the people abusing animals. You love to watch people get hurt, they love to watch animals get hurt.

    • Cowboysrus

      Your comment is an indicative statement on your severely limited intelligence. What is your IQ? Crawling up on 1?

    • Animal Lover

      You re an idiot and I feel sorry for any person or animal that comes into contact with you

  17. S. Kennedy

    Would have been perfect justice if they horse made a eunuch out of the abuser!

  18. A.Lawrence

    Good for the horse. The man was her enemy–she was protecting herself–survival instinct. Humans should respect other living creatures.

  19. stacey

    seen this on you tube, the whole video is on there, before the horse attacks, the idiot is beating the poor thing, funny that this doesnt show that part!!!

    • Love LIfe

      Would love to see that video, should post address here so all can see it-kinda wonder why the whole thing wasn’t posted to start with. Maybe it would have stop all the guessing and name calling.
      As long as people treat animals and other people without respect, the world will never change. Don’t believe me: read the comments under this video, it was very sad and upsetting to read.

  20. SavvyCT

    Go horse go!!!

    People are savages! And we think we’re the “most intelligent species” on earth… what a joke! We are the dumbest.

    So proud this animal stood up for itself. Hope it found a good loving home.

  21. Bk Walker

    Good! Shows that horses DO have feelings and know what’s going on. Not just horses but ALL animals. YAY for the horse!!!

  22. sab

    Anyone who trows rocks at an animal.
    Deserves to be attackt.
    Thats my thought…

    • terry mathews

      I couldn’t be happier with the poor mare getting a pound of ass. If I had been there, I would have been kicking him right beside the pitiful horse!!!

    • Shanti

      Anonymous – the voice-over stated at the beginning of the video that he had been abusing the horse!

  23. Cruelty to innocents

    I love animals and abhor seeing anything bad done to them but what about nature the very thing that keeps everything alive what about the people who are cruel to her those huge multi corporations that are killing the planet ie the loggers, the Frackers & those like General Electric hugely responsible with Fukushima when will they all get what they deserve?

  24. Anonymous

    Hahahahaha Great Horse well Done Hahahahahaha he got what he deserved

  25. Angela

    Absolutely disgusting and shocking to see the abuse done to animals, there is NO excuse for it! If you abuse an animal/person you’ve ceased your right to exist! Simple as. An eye for an eye.

  26. W. Ley

    Horse 1 man 0. What an asshole got what he deserved. Hope he is scarred for life to remind him how EVIL he is.

  27. C.O.

    the horse was reacting in a way that only it knows how to. fight or flight. it clearly attacked the closest person. other countries view horses,cattle,etc as work animals,with little compassion as we do in the U.S. And I know first hand of the awful people we have here. I do rescues,for over 50 years. We try to put human emotions and the way we think in animals and it doesn’t work that way. I know that animals have the same emotions as we do & often display the same emotions as we however-any mistreated animal will eventually break down & fight back. On the other hand,to want the man killed,maimed,etc;is wrong also. He is just living in a country that does not respect & take care of animals like we do here. Sad.

  28. Arthur

    Poor horse – the man got what he deserved. My worry now is that the horse was recaptured and PTS as a ‘dangerous horse’ rather than rescued. Does anyone know the follow up?

  29. Karen

    Yeah, we wish. I bet that bastard finds the horse or a substitute and tries to kill it. Someone like that doesn’t usually wake up they get madder. But hoping for the best.

  30. Kathy

    Good i’m glad what he got more power to the horse next time he won’t do that again good for the horse fighting back .

  31. GlandInMyHand

    Pity it did not have a horn like a Unicorn, and pierce them both to the wall!

  32. Marlene

    they abuse him and beat him in rock what they think he will afraid and go away no he defence on himself and for the man you deserve it cause you are such a fucker and bastard anyone who will try to abuse any animal again he will get what he deserve life against life.

  33. Charity

    poor horse! yeah he deserved all he got and more… you dont through rocks at animals. to bad that jerk didnt get both his legs and a lot more broke. i hope that horse is still alive and ok.

  34. Tj

    He must’ve been the abuser cos he was the only person it was going for out of a big crowd of people & whatever he did must’ve been horrific for the horse to react like that.

  35. Mary

    I saw this a few years ago and if I remember correctly, this horse had rabies and was on a rampage.

    There’s some sensationized media for ya!

  36. Anonymous

    he got what he deserved shouldn’t ever beat any animal with a whip

  37. Tanya

    I would have helped the horse kicking that Guys ass!!!
    Well done Horse!!

    No animal must be treated like that!!

  38. brenda irelan

    I so love this he deserves everything he gets, to bad all animals don’t do this to their abuser,

    • Cirrom

      Perhaps you too should live in Pakistan since cruelty is to your liking…. bye bye.


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