Horse Jumps Barrier And Collides With Spectators In Horrific Accident

We all remember the movie, National Velvet. A story about a horse named Pie going to the Grand National and winning with the first female jockey. This year the Grand National Festival has been under some fire for having 5 horses pass away, all within 3 days. Friday the 8th of April two horses passed away, the following day two more passed, and as you will see in this video there was another accident on the track.

Sadly, this horse to has passed due to the injuries occurred. In the video keep your eye on the horse with the jockey wearing pink. First, he gets unsettled from the last jump but the jockey does a good job of steering him away from a problem,the horse then continues to suck himself to the outside rail, seeing the rail out of the corner of his eye the horse jumps. Jumping the rail sideways causes him to hit it with his chest and rail into the spectators.

A family of 5, three girls, a grandmother, and daughter were all taken to the hospital and all were released quickly except for the oldest who received head injuries, but is doing well. Source: Equestria World News

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  1. Jackie G.

    so the way I see it. Steeplechases are nothing short of cruelty. You can say “awe these horses love to run and jump” I call BS….then why the whips, whipping the crap out of them? The rider was beating on this horse so badly that perhaps the horse was looking for an out and risking injury or death was the only way out for it. smh


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