Horse Trailer Bound For Slaughter Stopped – Community Raises $13,000 In 2 Hours To Save Horses From Slaughter

HiCaliber Horse Rescue and their village of supporters have done it again!  Nine rental string horses were on their way to slaughter when HiCaliber rescue stepped in to stop the truck and save them.  They raised $13,000 In under 2 hours on a Friday night with no notice to save 9 beautiful horses!

Horses in a trailer bound for slaughter before HiCalber stepped in. Photo From HiCalber Facebook.

Horses in a trailer bound for slaughter before HiCalber stepped in. Photo From HiCalber Facebook.

On Facebook they wrote, “THE TRUCK HAS TURNED AROUND! This village just raised more than $13,000 in under two hours on a Friday night with no notice. You are one bad-ass, horse-rescuing force to be reckoned with. Honestly, I’m speechless. I’m overwhelmed. And to say I’m grateful doesn’t begin to explain my emotions. The weight I was going to carry for losing these nine would have been overwhelming. Thank you for giving them a second chance. Thank you for saving them from slaughter. Thank you for deciding their lives mattered. Thank you for always being there for the horses. Thank you for being the most incredible, generous village anywhere.”

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  1. Kim Roeh

    Would love to see this updated to “Village” rather than “Comminity” We boast the most amazing village from around the world. They did it! The HiCaliber Village is amazing!! Glad to be a part of it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. LfH

    Great save! personally, I would rather have pulled the driver out of the rig by his throat, beaten the hell out of him, and taken the horses to safety, because he doesn’t deserve $13,000 for nine horses he probably paid $100 each for and will end up buying 130 more.

    • Michelle

      The cost of the horses were fairly cheap. 500 + 100 for gas. The remainder is an overage formula we use to ensure we are rescuing responsibly and sustainably. 🙂

      • Phab

        ……and to fund Michelle’s lifestyle on the leased 2 Million dollar ranch.

      • HicaliberBS

        And to help make the payment’s on Michelle’s BMW, eyelashes, and to make sure she doesn’t have to actually get a job. A good number of these horse were shot in the head within 2 weeks of this big `save’.

      • Bambi

        Well sadly Michelle will shoot most of them the minute they get to the ranch and pocket that money. Do your research
        Michelle you are so full of shit.

    • Erin

      He won’t receive all 13k. The goal on the GFM included estimated cost for vet, farrier, emergency care, etc.

    • Janet

      You are right in that regard…I am glad they raised money, but perhaps they gave too much. He probably will turn around and buy more horses, as you said. They should have just given him a bit more and it probably would have been enough.

  3. Anonymous

    13,000 to go buy more horse to ship to slaughter. I’m glad 9 are safe. Oh how I love kb. Not

  4. Janet Schultz

    It is ILLEGAL to purchase or transport horses into or out of California for slaughter. What this rescue did was enter a business agreement with a kill buyer, flagrantly ignoring the law. Why was law enforcement NOT called? Do any of you yahooes recall the horror of the Copiah mess? Probably not. Do not support the purchase of horses from ANY kill buyer. The horses kill buyers have contracted to transport have been purchased and are on the trucks that will never TURN back. The horses purchased to sell to suckers, such as these horses here, for an exorbitant 4600 (when their purchase price was a little over 100 to the kb) ONLY serve to enrich the kill buyer and the rescue who congratulated you all for saving the horses from slaughter. Again, it is AGAINST the law in California to sell or transport horses for purposes of slaughter. WHERE WAS LAW ENFORCEMENT! And for this blog – you are ridiculous, do a little research before engaging a gullible public.

    • Juliette Dauterive

      So Right on Ms. Schultz. And dose anyone even ask who is taking these 9 horses, who is going to feed them and maintain them for the rest of their lives? No questions about who has the land and facilities for these 9 horses? Just Yay! We did it! What idiots.
      And now the trucker will just go get another 9. And the yahoo that was sending them to slaughter will now go and outbid real rescuers at the next auction.
      If ya want to save horses, people, support rescues that are really saving horses at the auctions or …

      • Juliette Dauterive

        I see the savers do have a Rescue and I wish them well. I don’t know why they would do business with a kill buyer. All rescues know that is only feeding their business and that the way to truly rescue horses is to get them before the kill buyers. Craig’s List, Animal Control, Auctions. If only there were a way to develop a network of all horse rescuers to do just that, instead of paying hundreds of dollars to kill buyer middlemen.

      • Nancy

        This rescue saves horses every Tuesday from auction. This was a special situation and their donors decided they were worth the money needed to purchase, feed, vet, and have the farrier.

    • Phab

      This `rescue’ is basically a donor funded brokerage for Kill Buyer David Meisner. The have an agreement not to bid against him at auction and in return, he lets them buy all the horses that would be rejected at the border at an inflated price. Nevermind the fact that shipping to slaughter is illegal in California. That’s a fact they neglect to point out to their village in their sobbing live FB feeds every week. It’s a wonder Romney and Michelle aren’t sponsored by a mascara company since they goop it on extra thick for their crying videos.

  5. Anonymous

    It’s the proverbial double edge knife… The kill buyer get $13,000 for this load, goes out and spends part of it on another load of horses to take to slaughter and pockets a nice profit!

  6. Kathryn

    Not sure why HorseAholic feels the need to glorify this. There was absolutely NO proof these horses were going to a kill buyer but ”Stop the Truck” is the new ”the truck is coming” for people who don’t do their research.IF this rescue knew for a fact they were headed to the Kill buyer (the one they deal with on a regular basis) then they are guilty of violating the California laws, how can we even begin to get these laws enforced when rescues behave in this manner? Oh, lets not forget the hysterical screaming of the urgency of the situation, did anyone think as they were scrambling to send their donations that it’s a holiday weekend? Horses don’t ship on holiday weekends last I knew. Anyway, keep on throwing your money at kill buyers and rescues that partnership with them, OR you can do some field work and help out your local rescues who struggling to stay afloat because of these types of antics.

      • Kathryn

        Nothing hateful about my comment. Wont start an argument with you, maybe you are sore you gave money to a rescue without researching the facts.

    • L Coker

      This rescue goes to auction every Tuesday (today in fact) and saves horses from the chutes. The 13000 wasn’t raised for the KB but it was to cover the cost to buy them from him and to cover vet costs, feed bills, and Med costs. They showed them coming off the truck. They are a good rescue. This was a special situation. We all choose to follow them because they are hardworking, caring people who do their best by the horses. We donate because we love what they do. Please don’t make it sound like a bad thing because you don’t know all the facts.

      • Phab

        This rescue goes to pick up horses from KB Dave Meisner ever Tuesday. They refuse to bid against him and instead, pay his mark up in the chutes. This `rescue’ has been punted out of the Homes for Horses Coalition due to their sketchy practices. They are master social media marketer/manipulators, but a rescue they are not. They are brokers and they are flipping so many horses in and out their `village’ can’t begin to keep track of where they all go nor do they have the manpower to do follow up on the few adoptions that do happen. They shoot their horses rather than euthanize them and Michelle has been seen stating she is `open’ to not medicating so their bodies can feed zoo animals. That’s not to mention the horses that it is rumored they are filtering back into the slaughter pipeline during their dealings with Meisner.

  7. kel

    I dont understand why some here are so viscous in their attack on the rescue and not the owners of the 9 under weight, injured rental string horses that were sent to slaughter after YEARS of service??

    They did not buy from the kb, they purchased from the transporter. Please do your research before slamming a rescue that it saving lives!

  8. Jennifer Weeks

    Can’t the horse community be happy that horses were saved? Why do some of you get so ugly in your comments? That makes me sad, but at least I got to visit the horses who were saved. They were dehydrated and in need of care, and they didn’t get brutally slaughtered today. Instead, due to Hi Caliber Horse Rescue, they are being fed, watered, vetted, groomed, and loved. Isn’t that what we should all collectively cheer about?

  9. DickAPhobic

    Risner is their secret kill buyer that lives 2 miles away.
    Convenient as heck.

  10. Sarah Costi

    I don’t care who the phantom kill buyer boogeyman was – or even if there was one. I don’t care why the driver called the rescue instead of just transporting where he was told. I care that nine horses got off a trailer and lived that day; they didn’t die that day or that week, and they won’t die this year. They all saw a vet and a farrier the day they arrived at HiCaliber. You could use the energy of your vitriol to do some good in the world. I find reassurance in the knowledge that the spite is limited; against these five negative comments, I see two thousand people who gave at least five dollars each on the chance they could give these horses a better life.

  11. Disgusted

    They raised 13k to `save’ these horses and promptly euthanized a few. They seem to euthanize several horses a week and their adoption protocol is pretty sketchy too. I’ve seen their `rescues’ advertised for sale and the follow up on them seem to be on a volunteer by the new owner basis. HiC is an awesome cult allowing their founder and her g/f to live on a nice ranch for free.


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