Jockey’s Bridle Breaks And She Goes For The Ride Of her Life

Australian jockey, Laura Cheshire was racing Secret Blend on August 25th.  Shortly after the race began, her bridle broke!  The other jockey’s seemed to realize that Laura was racing without a bridle.  They did a great job of steering clear of her, but when the race was over, Secret Blend continued.  He raced around the track 3 times!  The pony horse tried to slow him down, but with nothing to grab it just made Secret Blend want to race him.  At one point a rein caught around the horses hind leg.  The Secret Blend just took off even faster and started bucking, trying to kick the rein off his back leg.   Thankfully he didn’t step on it and flip them both over.   When the reing came lose, Laura calmly bent down and picked it up and just continued trying to calm Secret Blend.  Eventually, Laura was able to use neck reining to slow the horse down and get him to stop at one of the fences.  She avoided many close calls and wrecks and she came out a HERO!  Watch the video below.

Laura wrote, “Stewards footage from yesterday.. this song played when I got in my car to drive home and the relief was strong that myself and Exo (Secret Blend) both came away without a scratch. We are purple and white barrier 11. Blessed that I was able to wake up and ride trackwork this morning. Last pic is the boy and I this morning. He is tired but well. Three laps he really deserves to sleep for a week! ❤️❤️

Source,  I cannot imagine being in that situation.  Laura’s quick thinking and great horsemanship skills definitely saved both her and Secret Blend.  They both deserve sleep for a week!  Share this on Facebook if you agree!