Watch Secretariat’s Last Video Footage – Legendary!

This is a wonderful story about Secretariat. The footage was taken a day or two before he was put down and the news station turned it into a great piece. If you like this video, Share it with your friends on Facebook!

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  1. Nancy Sullivan

    I had the honor of visiting Claiborne Farms in 1984. Secretariat was in his paddock and I will never forget him racing up to the fence. He was still in real good condition, in muscle and weight. It was a day I will never forget.

    • Rose

      Such an honor to have seen this great stud with my son & husband. Memories linger on & give us great joy.

  2. Cathy Hope DeWolfe

    One of my favourite horses of all times. Magnificent. I hope my friend Ann who owns a grandson of this beauty sees this post. Bless the animals always.

  3. John Childers

    I had the privilege of seeing him in 1990…. Got to watch him for about 30 minutes….
    What a sight

  4. Jill Jensen

    My horse’s grand sire. I can see similarities in their build and movement. Such handsome horses! Secretariat was the best Thoroughbred ever!

    • Anonymous

      Aww! I also have a great grand sire. Mason’s Hope! He raced for several years until his injuries out ruled his ability to race. He was rescued and I adopted him.

  5. Anonymous

    all the sad music,.. a champion! a heart of gold,. to bad they raced this horse to death!,..its to bad the sport is allowed they race BABYS,.. they ruin babys!,..then most of them are thrown away,. I hate racing and the greedy scum bags into it! I hate that slaughter trucks are FULL of horses that are abused on the way to a horrendous death!,..thats the part You dont see!!!……..


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