Parents Surprise Daughter With The Best Gift Ever

During a photo shoot with Impulse Photography, one lucky teenager was surprised with a new horse! Impulse photography wrote, “Hannah thought she was going to have a photo session with me… and her mom’s horse. She had recently sold her beloved show horse and was ready to move on for college… There was something about Gus (a horse for sale) that she just couldn’t shake. Her parents both said no.. college time. Until the day before her 18th birthday…”

Hannah is one lucky teenager and it looks like she knows it!  I don’t know about you, but I think a horse is the best gift ever!  Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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    • Keith

      He was purchased by a wonderful amateur in Indiana. He will remain being loved by his new owners, as he was this young lady.

  1. Anonymous

    If she was going to college & couldn’t keep her show horse, why did she get another???

  2. RSS

    The pretentious “pre-college” professional photo shoot, the surprise purchase of the horse she “wanted” and the fact this video actually ended up on social media..everything indicates “spoiled entitled brat”. The parents should have just brought her a new car, at the least the car won’t care when it gets traded in for a new one when she gets bored of it.

    • Karin

      You don’t know anything about this family. Why don’t you make like horse s..t and hit the trail

    • Keith

      Sorry you feel this way. This young lady is anything but a spoiled brat. She is kind, humble, and compassionate. Horses have taught her that. The actual photographer/videographer is the person who posted irbid on social media, not the young lady.

      Perhaps the video has been commented on and shared by so many fellow horse lovers because they can see the sheer joy and surprise in her eyes and love of horses, not just this particular one.

      #jealousmuch #troll #ifyoudonthaceanythingnicetosaydontsayanythingatall

    • Meghan

      And honestly how dare you. This girl is hands down amazing, if not more than that. The fact that you felt the need to come into this thread, and say something nasty about a young girl who had a video posted about her by someone else is pathetic. Yes, I said you are pathetic. I have zero tolerance for those who think they know all, the “holier than thou” BS does not sit well with me. How about next time you decide to grace the world with your opinion, ask yourself- “do I really know what I’m talking about?”
      People like you are incredible… incredibly incompetent, incapable of being happy for others, and in everyone’s way. You see someone have a better day than you? OH NO! Better go say something before they get the chance to enjoy anything. Real class act.

      As for the young lady in this video- she is beautiful inside and out. There are very few people in my life that I can genuinely say that I care for more than her. She is the best kind of friend a person can be. She is funny, sweet, intelligent and has a work ethic that puts many to shame. This couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. And the timing is great as well, I got my horse the first year I was in college and It made me learn to balance my multiple passions. This girl cares for her horses and goes above and beyond in everything she does. When I say there is no one more deserving, I am not saying that lightly. She is what you want your children to grow up to be. Polite, gracious, respectful and responsible.

      So go shove your opinion where it belongs- up your a**

  3. Sydney

    The negative comments on this thread are very disheartening. In a time when we should be encouraging our youth to continue with such a great activity, we find jealous people ready to rip them down behind the security of a computer. I feel sorry for all of you who do not know this young lady firsthand, as she is one of the most hardworking and caring people I know.
    It’s easy to act as though you know her and her family’s story because you read something on social media- but in reality you don’t. You do not know how hard it may have been on her selling her last horse, and you certainly don’t know the plans for this horse in the future (I guarantee you that a horse of this caliber and with as good of a mind as he has will not simply be discarded when she goes to school).
    We need to support one another, and we all have a common love of horses- so it shouldn’t be so difficult. Remember that when you are making the nasty comments on here, thag you are talking about a young girl, a daughter, a sister.

  4. Sheena

    This is the kindest, most caring and loving family out there and I am so happy for them! Nobody is more deserving!

  5. Meghan

    My favorite part of this video is how gracious the young lady was throughout. There are some entitled people in the horse world but she is certainly not one. In fact, I’ve known the family for awhile and there is no one more deserving of this surprise. She works hard, is always kind, and never takes anything for granted. She is the best kind of person and the fact that someone feels they can judge her off of this, (which there is nothing but love and gratitude in this video) is simply appalling.

  6. Slinky

    This video warms my heart. What a lovely moment for a lovely young lady. ❤️

  7. carin

    It saddens me that someone would post negative comments about a teenager that they, quite obviously, do not know. I was always told if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything. this should be the rule, for all of us. to say such hurtful, unnecessary comments is completely uncalled for. grow up and be n

    • carin

      my apologies, my message posted prematurely. what i was saying is be ‘nice’!
      i have shown horses with the spoiled brats that don’t appreciate what their parents are doing for them, the sacrifices that are made to afford them the horse and expenses associated with showing. yes, the exist, but let me assure you, from my personal experience with this child, she is grateful and appreciative for what her mom does for her. she is a good sport, win or lose. she helps others with preparations to show and encourages and congratulates them at every opportunity. Hannah takes care of her horse and loves him. Selling stu was not easy on her, but she was ready for a new mount, and was genuinely surprised with this new horse!
      so don’t speak out of envy or jealously, what you have done here is basically bullying and you had no real knowledge to judge.


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