The Ranches That Started The AQHA And Are Still Breeding Today – AQHA Salutes Its 75 Year Breeders

The American Quarter Horse Association is saluting its 75- year breeders, ranches that have withstood the test of time. Each ranch has their own special technique and skill to breeding and raising American Quarter horses. During the film, you will be introduced to many ranches all around the country dedicated to the great American Quarter Horse.

One of the ranches, the Four Sixes Ranch in Fort Worth, Texas dedicates a healthy group of three year olds for the Road to the Horse, a colt starting competition, each year. The Four Sixes Ranch is world renowned for their healthy, well-bred American Quarter Horses.

Passion for horses is something we can all relate to. To be able to pass that passion down to your family and customers is amazing. They helped form the American Quarter Horse and there’s a good chance your Quarter Horse’s pedigree goes back to one of their ranches. Share this on Facebook if you appreciate the hard work, dedication and PASSION that these breeders put into their program.

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