This Is What Happens When You Don’t Do Ground Work Before Starting A Horse Under Saddle

This 3 year old gelding was clearly surprised to feel a rider on his back, especially once he felt those legs wrapped around him and started moving. He reacted how must horses who haven’t had enough or any ground work would, he took off bucking and scared! I wonder if the rider decided maybe it would be a good idea to do some ground work after this?

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11 Responses

  1. Venice

    well that was stupid , should of done ground work first and be in a round pen wearing a helmet …. he was asking for it..

  2. Hobblin

    Aaaaaand if you start enough horses you’ll learn that sometimes you can do all the groundwork in the world, be in a round pen, wearing a helmet WITH someone heading the horse and… will still happen. Had one come uncorked on me last week that I’d done good ground work with for quite some time, been on and off of from both sides, crawled all over, ground driven, you name it, was sure he was ready, and kaboom. I stuck it but finally had to do an emergency dismount when the saddle crawled forward. Which also happens sometimes. Back to the drawing board! I did however learn a long time and many horses ago NOT to ask for that first step by bumping with my legs! Another “hard” lesson. Still it doesn’t pay to get too judgy and high handed toward others because if you start enough horses it will more than likely happen to you!

  3. Bee

    Who’s to say you need to start a horse in a round pen? Of all the horses I’ve started not one has been in a round pen. I definitely agree he should have had a helmet on. In my opinion the person videoing should have been helping instead and leading the horse around so the horse could get the feel of a person on his back without the added pressure of the riders legs or hands

  4. Mike

    I notice that feller did a quick sign of the cross, I’ll bet the next time he does that there will be some meaning behind it. Quick little horse.

  5. Anonymous

    Why did he get on straight off…he could have laid his stomach across the saddle as have someone lead him around as many times as it took to have a horse used to it….

  6. Morgan

    Haha, that’s awesome! Not much of a bronc rider is he? lol….Gave me a good laugh.

  7. Tori

    It appears to me had he not done any ground work the “un Prepared ” horse would have started reacting when he bent down ..not once but twice to adjust his stirrup, adjusted his hat, did his prayers. I am guessing he has sat on that horse before… Just never took the next step. I think I would have done a little more acclimating the horse to the movement of getting on and body parts touching him than a slow motion “sneak” on. I’ve been on plenty that let you get on and off, pull tarps or blankets around them, lay across them, ponied them for miles with everything under the sun hanging, and will even walk out a little and then……


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