Watch The Most Beautiful Display Of Freestyle Horsemanship!

LORENZO’S HORSES @ STOCKHOLM HORSE SHOW 2011. If you like this video, Share it with your friends on Facebook!

3 Responses

  1. Pat Wagner

    If you really know horses you know that what this man is able to do is fairly miraculous. They are great at synchronicity, but most horses do NOT feel comfortable between to other horses. They will follow or lead or two beside each other is okay, but a horse on both sides isn’t easy for them to accept unless he’s been working with them since they were babies. This is quite amazing.

  2. barbara

    those were the best trained horses i have ever seen. it must have taken a while to train them that way..loved it ..but a bit to long.

    • smartin

      ” a bit to long”. What kind of comment is that? I am almost sure that most anyone would consider this performance a privilege to witness! i don’t think you are qualified to have let alone give your opinion of the length of this gentleman’s craft! WTF!


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