Watch What Happens When A Belgian Draft With Very Bad Hooves Meets The Farrier

This Belgian draft had very bad hooves and when he met his new farrier Jorgen Briers that all changed. From the looks of this horse, his hooves weren’t the only thing being neglected. Jorgen worked with the horses veterinarian Leen Vanderwegen to come up with a comfortable solution. There are power tools, ropes and a whole lot of other things involved…this makes putting shoes on my Quarter Horse look like a walk in the park! Share this on Facebook if you think all horses deserve good foot care, even if you don’t want to be the one doing it…that’s what professionals are for!

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6 Responses

  1. Daryl

    Why aren’t you wearing a face mask and goggles while you are caring for the hooves? Do you really want to breathe in that sh– while it is airborne? What about the flicks getting into your eyes? Just thinking’.

  2. Helen Cramer

    Now I know a lot more about hoof care on a very large horse. I would say this horse should have seen the farrier before the hooves looked like this. Now I know the farrier does not hold up a quarter of the horse while working on one hoof, I truly never thought of it before. That horse was quite cooperative.

  3. Alan J. Wedge

    the horse is to blame for this bad hoof condition… should be penalized for neglect!
    draft horses are usually quiet by nature… humans once again do not care about their animals neglect all over the world!


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