What do you think of Plain Show Shirts for Horsemanship, Trail, Pleasure and Western Riding?

plain show shirts

Photo Source: www.aggieathletics.com

I’ve noticed a growing trend in plain show shirts, especially in the horsemanship classes.  I put a poll up to see what people are thinking.  What are your thoughts on these vs. the more popular shirts with custom crystal designs and patterns?  What classes do you think these shirts are acceptable in? I’d love to hear what people really think about them!

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  1. Traci Miller

    I think plain show shirts are great. They are simple and a properly fitted one will always look super classy. A tailored, clean shirt should be acceptable at any level. After all, the judge isn’t counting sparkles. If you and your horse are neat and clean…it should be the performance that’s getting you the win, not a shirt. Plus, a plain shirt is affordable. I’ve seen a lot of people buy really terribly fitted and ugly shirts because they have sparkles when a plain, fitted shirt would have looked a million times better! 🙂

    • LD

      Absolutely!! I think a show should be about the horse and/or rider, not the clothes!!! That’s what I love about the SHOT shows, they don’t allow all the silver and bling in their classes. Get back to the reason why there is a show in the first place.


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