Wondering If You Should Get Her That Pony, Wonder No More!

The world is figuring out what horse people have known all along!  Handy Hay Nets recently posted this on their Facebook page:

“Wondering if you should get her that pony, wonder no more! Riding families have always known horses are good for kids, but now research is proving it. One study, sponsored by the American Youth Horse Council, found that equestrian activities do indeed enhance a range of life skills in children. The study looked at youngsters involved in 4-H, Pony Club, the American Quarter Horse Youth Association, or the National High School Rodeo Association in one eastern and one western state. Results of the study, published in February 2006, found a significant positive relationship between horsemanship skills and life skills.

“If your child likes animals and you’re concerned about that child’s problem solving, goal-setting, or decision-making skills, then definitely get him or her involved with horses,” says Ann Swinker, Ph.D., a professor in Animal Science at Penn State University and one of the study’s co-authors.
Photo by Larson Performance Horses”

Thank you Handy Hay Nets for sharing this adorable photo and bit of knowledge with the rest of us.  Share this on Facebook if horses have enhanced your life!